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No. 1 Draft Picks, 1965-2004

yup that is correct, 2 HS LHp Brian Taylor and David Clyde went first overal , but no RHP's. Clyde went straight to HS to the majors and hurt his arm and ended up in alcohol rehab a few years later

seems like HS Shortstops and outfielders have the longest careers of the 1st overall picks
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I think you may be missing the point. Dibble is not implying that a HS player will be taken #1 overall, he is simply asking which HS player may be taken as the FIRST HS player in the draft. That may be the first pick of the first round it may be the 20th pick of the first round. I think of that bunch Tillman might have the best shot, solid present stuff and projectable to the moon, ala a young Jon Garland. I dont think those position players mentioned are in the category of an Upton or a Maybin. Real nice players they are, but I dont see the "wow" tools outta those guys.... I really like the Brewer kid though. I would throw Chris Parmalee in the mix too, serious juice from the left side. By the way, I bought some swampy marsh land in the south about 8 yrs ago, turns out they found an oil pipeline about 75 meters down on part of a 1/2 acre, I made my first million. How do you like that?
Colton Willems or Chris Marrero would be my pick at present time in reference to first HS player to be taken in amateur 2006 baseball draft. Still early though. These two candidates I have seen "several" times and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I do like OP's and others' pick too, Jordan Walden.

Just my opinion though and haven't actually seen some of the other candidates mentioned,
so please no retaliations bye peace, Shep
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TR my mind works fine call

not sure about someone who posts over 6,000 times trying to get business for their showcase


Computer/Internet Addictions
Ten Symptoms of Computer Addiction (by James Fearing, Ph.D.)

Self Diagnosis
A demonstrated "loss of control" when trying to stop or limit the amount of time on the computer. (Breaking promises to self or others. Promising to quit or cut down and not being able to do so)

Being dishonest or minimizing the extent of the time you stay on the computer, or covering up or being dishonest about what activities you participate in when on the computer.

Negative consequences experienced by the computer user or his/her friends or family as a direct result of time or activities spent on the computer.

Participation in high risk or normally unacceptable behaviors when using the computer. Compromising your morals and values based on the opportunity to remain anonymous and protected on the computer. (a good test for this is to ask yourself if your spouse, partner or family would approve of what you were doing on the computer)

An overdeveloped sense of importance for the computer in ones life. Defending your right to use the computer as much as desired, regardless of the fact that people in your life are feeling left out and neglected. (denial of the problem and justification; not being able to hear or feel what the other people are saying regarding your computer behavior)

Mixed feelings of euphoria (a "rush"), combined with feelings of guilt brought on by either the inordinate amount of time spent on the computer or the abnormal behavior acted out while using the computer.

Feelings of depression or anxiety when something or someone shortens your time or interrupts your plans to use the computer.

Preoccupation with the computer and computer activities when you are not using the computer (thinking about the computer and its activities when doing something else; i.e. having a family dinner, working on project deadline etc.)

Finding yourself using the computer at times when you are feeling uncomfortable, irritated, or sad about something happening in your life. ( feeling uncomfortable in your relationship, so you will self medicate and "hide out" on the computer) Using time on the computer to become externally focused outside yourself as a way to avoid facing what is happening in your life, and avoiding feeling the appropriate feelings inside yourself. (self medicating)

Experiencing financial concerns or problems in your life as a result of money being spent on computer hardware, computer on-line charges, or any other costs associated with computers. (Spending money on computer related items which should have been allocated to other normal living expenses)

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2006 Amateur Draft
What high school player with be selected first in the Amateur Baseball Draft

Kyle Drabek 141 (34%)
Brent Brewer 15 (3%)
Kasey Kiker 63 (15%)
Cory Rasmus 56 (13%)
Ryan Jenkins 15 (3%)
Gavin Brooks 11 (2%)
Aaron Miller 24 (5%)
Chris Tillman 28 (6%)
Ryan Jackson 20 (4%)
Jeff Rapoport 38 (9%)

411 Total votes
Kyle Drabek The Woodlands HS RHP R/R 6'1" 190 1987-12-08 HS 350K
Comments: Doug's son may have the best arm in the draft. A good athlete who would be a shortstop prospect as well, he throws a mid-90s fastball and two outstanding breaking pitches.

Kasey Kiker Russell County HS LHP L/L 5'11" 185 1987-11-19 HS 350K
Comments: Only questions about makeup have kept him from being at the top of high school pitching depth charts. Fastball sits in mid-90s and he throws a changeup and curve as well.

Cory Rasmus Russell County HS RHP R/R 6'0" 200 1987-11-06 HS 350K
Comments: Two-way player with future on the mound. Throws three average to above pitches: fastball, curve and changeup. Name being mentioned in the sandwich round the year after his brother, Colby, went there.

Aaron Miller Channelview HS LHP L/L 6'3" 205 1987-09-18 HS 350K
Comments: Once a top pitching prospect, Miller's bat has passed his arm. Good power and ability to hit line drives. Good defensively at two positions, though better at 1B.

Christopher Tillman Fountain Valley HS RHP R/R 6'5" 195 1988-04-15 HS 350K
Comments: One of the most projectable bodies in the draft, Tillman's performance hasn't met expectations late in the season. Still, he's got a fastball that sits in the low 90s and a big overhand curve.

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