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In early November, I sent letters to approx. 45 letters to D1, 2, and 3 schools. About half sent back, most with questionairres, and asking about my grades so i've waited to recieve my 1st semester grades. Now i'm about ready to send back, and I have a few questions. 1) What should I send in this letter? schedule? 2) Should I still send to the schools that didn't send back? and 3) When I make a follow-up call about a week or so after I send them out, what do I say? Thanks a lot everyone Smile
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I think what you have planned is really right on track. As for calling them, remember they cannot call you back until July 1.
So maybe you can just tell them you're touching base with them because you're interested in finding out more about their program.
One thing to keep in mind however, aside from sending letters, you really really should try to attend at least one showcase this summer.
Unless you're the cream of the crop...I completely disagree with the notion "if you're good enough they'll find YOU".
Good luck!

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