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Good point. I've seen a number of things happen when JV is called up.

1. Depending on the program, if they don't really need much help they may pull any JR's left down on JV just for the experience. Maybe some sophs.

2. I've seen situations where it would have benefited the younger players to have the experience, but were passed over by older players with less experience.

It's a tough call in situations where you have a solid program, 9th-Varsity and many players just have to wait their turn.

As for this week in Baseball:

This round should be interesting. I think the best matchup maybe:

South Garland/Lake Highlands
FM / SL Carroll

I think an upset maybe brewing in some other matches.
If the playoff teams are figuring out their pitching at this point in time -- they'll be done in time for the spring football game.

Concerning the generic question "where is all the pitching?" -- ummm, I've counted 4-5 no-hitters during playoff week 1. Will a JV pitcher or two participate in the post-season? -- probably....but if that becomes necessary, one has to question the coach (unless injury or grades become factors).

SG has good team chemistry and knows how to win. Lake Highlands and SG will be a good series and will go three games. I think the winner of this series may win the region.

1. Rockwall has a strong team, but the weak district may catch up with them.

2. Rowlett has the hoss, but need their #2 or #3 to come through.

3. Woodlands will be tough draw in Region 2.

3. FM is still the best in Region 1.

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