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Opinions on who would be the first High School pitcher drafted out of Texas are floating around in another thread. Illogical comparisons, too, between 2005 & 2006...So, I thought a few indicators might warrant consideration...2005 Hsler's are better compared to the college guys, not underclassmen, IMO.

Baseball America Top 200, as of June 6-19 print issue. Same as 5/23 on-line issue.
Pitcher Rankings
High School:
# 52 Craig Italiano (Was # 28 in Feb issue,Top 100 BA)
# 59 Aaron Thompson, 2nd Baptist HS, Houston (was # 18 in Feb. issue Top 100 BA)
# 124 Josh Wilson, Whitehouse HS, Tyler, Tx (was # 46 in Feb issue, Top 100 BA)
# 144 Kyle Hancock (was # 21 in Feb issue, Top 100 BA)

# 18 Wade Townsend, Rice, Dripping Springs, TX
# 22 Mark McCormick, Baylor Clear Lakes Shores, Tx
# 45 J. Brent Cox, Texas, Bat City, Tx
# 48 Lance Broadway, Tx Christian, Waxahachie
# 51 Clay Buchholz, Angelina JC, Lumberton, Tx
# 64 Robert Ray, Tx A&M, Lufkin
# 83 Stphen Marek, San Jacinto JC, Sealy, Tx
# 101 Josh Geer, Rice, Forney, Tx
# 103 Kevin Whelan, Texas A&M, Kerrville, Tx

One never knows how the draft will turn out! There are many variables for the Scouting Directors of each team to consider when putting names on their board come draft day. Most important issue being signability, & what the specific team are looking for.

Some of these kids may have a hill to climb,if their intention is to be drafted.

I agree with Bighit & DP2005. Italiano has the best "chance" of the highschoolers, Class of 2005.
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Your quote from another thread:

Flower Mound had better pitching than MANSFIELD and KYLE hancock will be the first pitcher drafted from the DFW AREA.

Now, the comment that one may go before another,
but now "H..." is the better pitcher.

Since when do scouts draft based on "now"?

In speaking with a couple Cross Checkers, & a Nat'l Scouting Director, one might learn quickly the qualities & judgements used in "projecting" future potential of players. I'd be inclined to rely on the professionals "opinions".
And, here's a link to explain what they're looking for:

Statements like those quoted are just unwarranted foolishness, poppycock, jealousy or envy.
I don't have a problem with folks voicing their "opinions", that's what hsbbweb is all about.
However, this forum & site is no place for posters to take unfounded "jabs" at other players.

I prefer to hope these kids reach their goals. Best of luck to all! May your dreams come true next week!
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I have to agree with baseballmom here about slurring kids reputations with comments like the one above. Just because you heard something? Well that doesn't make it true. It has no place here.

As far as being a better hs pitcher? The best hs pitcher in our area, jmo, did not get drafted. He is now the best pitcher for FAU this year. The scouts are loooking 5-6 years down the road at a player, not just being able to get out hs kids with a good cb. jmo

I do know that they are both highly respected and will probably both go pretty high.
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marek will no doubt go first!!

this is of course because he signed a couple of weeks ago.

He will not go first in THIS YEARS draft. He went in the 40th round of last years draft. His signing would make him not drafted this year at all. Had he been in this years draft, he still would not have gone before Italiano. Smile

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