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I have a 15 YO player who has played for one of the better organizations in Dallas for the last couple of seasons. This group has carried two teams in his age group during this time. They are now going to merge the two teams and have a tryout.

For those of you that have traveled through the high school years, is it better for him to be a possible rotational player on an elite team that will carry 15-16 players or a play on a team that might have less talent, but he could be more of a contributor (including some mound time as he is a lefty)?
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there is no substitute for playing time.
being on an "elite" team may help a little
but the college coaches can't evaluate a
player sitting on the bench. wearing a DBAT
or Mustang t-shirt does not guarentee your kid
will play at the next level. I just used these
2 teams as an example......they are great organizations. Believe me I have been through
this process.
I would maybe like to add a different perspective. Say your son plays on an elite team but maynot be a starter. This particular team has several elite players that all the college scouts are following. They come out to see one of those players pitch or whatever and your son has a very good game. Then the scouts start to wonder who is this kid? I doubt they will come out to see an average at best team with one player that stands above the others. Just a thought.
I think it depends on the kid's age. He should develop by playing as much as possible until he is comfortable in his "role" -- then it's ok to seek the best exposure. SWAC makes a good point. The elite teams have role players that are considered valuable -- who land opportunities based on their association with a top team, especially when the coach(s) make positive recommendations. Only a few players stand out during any give game....but the more "prospects" on the team, the higher chance that people will be watching. JMO.
Was faced with this decision following my senior year of high school.

My options were to go to a big-time D-1 school, (Big 12) have many scouts attend, but not get much playing time or attended a lesser school (Sun Belt) and become a starter sooner and have the opportunity to play in front of fewer scounts.

My choice was to play. I would think my advice for a younger kid would be to play every time. I think the key would be to play for a team/organization that played AGAINST the big time programs fairly often.

I recommend that you find a team that does not let your son be the "star", but rather a team where he is 6 - 7 down the list. Low enough on the list to have to work hard, but high enough on the list to play.

Like my baseball advisor told me coming out of high school, "ain't to many scouts who are good enough to see arm strength while your warming up the outfield, and they ain't signing to many people for the purpose of sitting on the bench. Gotta play."
The so-called elite teams everyone knows do not let their players sit on the bench. Most kids are interchangable at many postions on any given day. Tigers perfect example:Carried X number of players during MM. Started 3 different centerfielders,two different SS,3 different 2nd basemen, 2 firstbasemen,3 3rd basemen, 3 catchers, multiple Lf and Rf fielders.They had not one B******G parent all season. Another consideration playing on teams like this is you get everyone best every time out. Beating a tigers or dbat makes their season just ask the dodgers or panthers ...

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