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I was looking at Draft Tracker last night and saw a name that startled me. Andrew Gans, 39th Round Pick. He was picked I think 6 spots before Bum, Jr. in the same round. F.Y.I. Andrew Gans is the son of Las Vegas comedian Danny Gans. At age 13 he played on the same travel team as Bum, Jr. in Las Vegas and both he and Bum, Jr. got the least playing time for that team.. both were late-inning subs (and deservedly so at the time). None of the other players on that team were drafted this year. I would like coaches and parents to think about this before giving up too soon.

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. --Mark Twain

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Bum - Good story.

There are lots of these types of stories. The kid on my son's 13/14U travel team that EVERYONE would have sworn would be the superstar of the future...didn't grow anymore and played 1 year of JC ball and was finished.

Its a good reason I believe that when it comes to athletics, you live in the moment and not get too far ahead of yourself. Soak it all in every moment you can.

And if you love the game, keep pluggin' hard at the next hurdle in front of gaining PT or making your HS team.

And you just never know what will happen. Cool

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