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I waited to see if any one else would post a reply.


Not sure W&M has offered a winter clinic at Tufts before, but coaches from both schools should be there.  It is a clinic, rather than a showcase, so not sure any other colleges would be invited?  I would think this "clinic" would be run similar to a camp. That doesn't mean your player can't share with other nearby college coaches that he will be there.  Maybe they will stop by!


W&M and Tufts have an unique relationship:


HC Pinzino (W&M) played at Tufts, and was an assistant there, under the current head coach.

Coach Pinzino's wife is a very successful head softball coach at Tufts.

Coach Casey (W&M) played and was an assistant coach at Tufts.

The head coach at Tufts is the father of Coach Casey at W&M.






Here an email with some detail.


"We also wanted to announce our Northeast Prospect Camp that we will be
holding on Sunday, December 15th at Tufts University in Medford, MA

The camp is open to players from all over the country, but it especially is a
great chance for players from the northeast region to get in front of our
coaching staff.  There are many players from this area that we have on our
recruiting list and would like to get a closer look at.  This is an
important time for us as we continue to put our 2015 class together and also
begin to evaluate our 2016’s.  For some players, this camp may be more
convenient for you to attend rather than traveling down to Virginia. The
coaches from Tufts, along with other schools in the area will also be working
the camp to help with exposure for those who attend.


For more information and to register on-line for either our November or
Northeast Camp, please visit Tribe
Baseball Camps
.  Hope you can make it, and if you have

any questions, let us know!



William and Mary Baseball Staff

Baseball Camps


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