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As I sit here reading today's letters to the editor about the recent immigrant boycott, I got to wondering what would happen to the country's economy (just ot mention one aspect) if American women were to take a day off from their responsibilities, shopping, etc.

So, if you were given the opportunity to boycott for a day but could only boycott one area of your life, what would that be?

Mine would be fixing meals ... just the 2 of us now so it can be a hassle, and I also fix hubby's lunch (he is a brown bagger) and I absolutely HATE having to figure out what someone else wants to eat for lunch. But, I am no gainfully employed outside the home, so I guess it isn't too much to ask 14
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FBM - You are so right! Women do control much of this world and our economic power is great!

I'm not sure what I would wish to boycott. I hate going to the grocery and have to be in a certain mood to clean house, so I guess my wish would be to boycott both of those for a day, but have someone else do them!!! Big Grin

It's funny about packing lunches. I HATE packing my own lunch and should take my lunch to work much more than I do. However, I loved packing my kids lunches when they were younger. It was like preparing a surprise for someone everyday! Smile Thought it was fun!!
How about laundry. Never fails I get it all done and then my son cleans his car. He has actually told me that he doesn't know where all of his clothes are. Their baseball field is off campus and they change clothes at the field. Sometimes I wonder how anymore would fit in the car.

I also don't like to cook so maybe I boycott 2 things.
lafmom ...

I understand what you mean about packing lunch for the children. When ours was really young, I would draw silly faces on his sandwiches etc. During holiday times, I would draw Christmas trees on his lunch bag or hearts or shamrocks etc. Sometimes stuck an "I love you" note in for him. Tried that with my husband, too, but he switched to plastic bags instead of paper (do you think he didn't like my artwork?). Still send him notes and cards in his lunch once in a while ... if I'm not too annoyed with the mere fact that I have to put his lunch together that particular night. 14
I could easily boycott cooking. Some days I like to cook and prepare a special meal for my family, make them feel all special and loved, serve it to them in fancy dishes or whatever, and afterwards say, "no, sit and visit, I'll clear the table and clean up". But some other days I feel like saying "Who said cooking was my job? Where in the marriage ceremony did I promise that for the next 50 years I would figure out what to cook, cook it, serve it, clean up after it, etc. - every day?" I guess I've never come out and said it because my hubby has a stressful job and my boys - well, it's my fault they are a little spoiled - but I think it from time to time! Big Grin
I know Julie - sometimes I'm in a mood to be Betty Crocker and sometimes not! It's nice to have the privilege of choosing though!

Laundry is definately another chore that sometimes seems taxing and sometimes not. The last time I visited son at school I went and did his laundry thinking he sure didn't have much. Well, when he got in from practice, I discovered that was because most of his dirty clothes were in his car! I should have known!!! Roll Eyes
Originally posted by lafmom:
I loved packing my kids lunches when they were younger. It was like preparing a surprise for someone everyday! Smile Thought it was fun!!

Not to interrupt but this reminded me of something. My wife packs lunches for the kids and every now and then I'll draw things on my daughter's brown bag (she's a SR in HS). I'll put smiley faces, hearts, colored baloons or her name in different fonts.....that kind of thing. If I do it, she'll grab her bag, look at it, roll her eyes and head out the door.
I found a great way to solve the cooking dilemma...I married a guy who LOVES to cook! And he's been the chief cook in my house for almost 27 years now. clap

Now, that's not to say that I CAN'T cook but he really loves to cook and because I love him so much, I just cannot bear to take away the joy that he receives from cooking whenever he wants to, which is most of the time. Wink

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he's real handy with housework, too. I am a very lucky lady. Smile

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