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I want to get everyones opinion pro or con on the wood bat being used in baseball over the aluminum bat.

I bring this up because recently I was the recipient of a line drive that got drilled into our dugout and hit me in the face fracturing my eye socket and giving me two titanium plates and numerous screws.

The following week a kid that used to be on our team took one in the jaw while he was pitching, the ball fractured his jaw.

I imagine there are numerous stories of things like this happening, some say it's just a freak accident.

My point is this do we need to see 105 pound kids go yard using these explosive bats? Does some kid Pre H.S High School or College need to die because we want our kids to hit 400 with some pop?

Heres a great example of the difference in bat power.

Last night I watched Baylor A&M. In the ninth the pitcher throws one on the hands to a Baylor player and he hits it to the track. I watch the Rangers later in the night same type of pitch and he bloops it over 2nd. Thats what I'm talking about. A can of corn turns into a sac fly!

I know the kid's like aluminum when they hit ,it's fun to give it a ride but ask any picher what he thinks and you'll get a different story.

In closing I would love to see the return of woodbats. I would hate to see more kids getting hurt so badly when they dont have to.

I have always enjoyed reading the posts on this board and would like to hear some feedback from some players , coaches and parents. Thanks
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As a coach, we have our players (12u) use wood for Fall Ball and for training over the winter. The theory is that hitting with a wood bat makes you a better hitter. If so, why not switch to wood at the HS level....or even younger for that matter. I know my son would be upset (he hit one about 275 - 280 yesterday)giving up the distance but he'd live.

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