Anybody headed to 18U and/or 17U?

This will be my 1st ( + probs last?) WWBA in GA. Looking forward to it.

I'll also be visiting some colleges in the area (G Tech, UGa, Emory) for business reasons.

If you are going to either 17 or 18, and want to share cell #s, send me a PM, or just mention your son and team here.

I know the odds of being in the same place at the same time are slim, but it would be fun to connect live with some HSBBW friends.
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I will be there with my son for the 17U and 16U. Would love to try and meet up. This will be our 4th summer. The boys love it! It's definitely a lot of driving and a lot of baseball!
LauraZA and Jimnev,

Maybe their schedules will overlap. I know 18U was posted today.

Jimnev, we met last year at the BCS I think - it as the last game of pool play and our teams tied, I think.

Laura, as a veteran of this tournament, do you have any tips?

My son is with Xplosion for 18, and Clippers Amer for 17. Hope to see y'all there!!

Mary Spiegel
Mary we did meet last year. My son will be playing for the Game Ready Cavaliers at 18u and the South Florida Prospects for 17u. Best of luck.
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We will be there for the 17u week! Can't wait. Son has been hurt last 2 tournaments, but he's been cleared by doc and therapist to play.

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