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Yea...way to $^%# up Kasay. Although we gotta remember, he did make a 52 yarder earlier that kept Carolina alive, so...but what really pisses me off is that Delhomme went 16/33 (15/24 in the last 3 quarters) with 323 yards (314 in the last 3 quarters) and 3 tds:Qb rating of 115.6, while Brady went 32/48 with only 354 (30 more than delhomme on 15 more attempts), with the same 3 tds and one int:Qb rating of 100.5. Delhomme had 9.7 yrds a pass, Brady had 7.3. Yet Brady gets all the credit...along with vinaterri who goes 1/3 on the night and is a hero...

NJ Pitch
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Yeah, um half-time.
What was up with that? Haven't heard the "official" version, did we see what I thought we saw? Or planned?

At least for those who said the Panthers had "No F******G Chance..." They played.
I wonder if Fox is questioning those 2 pt. conversion attempts. If you're 0-3 on them do you really want to try in the BIG game?

Ho Hum.

"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Rogers Hornsby, Hall of Famer

While not a fan of any of the performers (except Willy and Aerosmith) I thought the pre-game and halftime shows were exceptionally produced. Regardless of the content or performers, leave it to the pros at MTV to pick you up by the seat of your pants, or should I say by the lapel of your shirt. The content may have some parents up in arms, but most kids can read lips on the sideline, and we don't say much there.


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I am far from a prude but that display was completely uncalled for. The superbowl is hardly an adult only crowd. IMO The quote saying it was a costume malfunction is a flat out lie. I highly doubt one wears a pasty unless they plan to show it off.

On a brighter note...Adam Automatic does it again! He's from my state and a graduate of my sons college! woooohooo.

"There's no crying in baseball!"
To each his own I guess....I'd rather have young kids see a f a r t i n g horse than an exposed breast with a pastie. Her performance was good without the nudity, why do it? It's all about the shock factor these days.

He came through when the pressure was on and it counted the most. Like a double down the line in the 9th with 2 outs and 2 on.

"There's no crying in baseball!"
All I have to say is these Boston teams have got to quit it with the drama or I am having a heart attack relatively soon...if the Pats had not won, and the mood that was prevalent here for the pas two weeks, psychiatrists couchs would have been booked solid for years to far as the other Jackson family member...I expected less..and say there is a time and place for everything and national tv was neither the time nor the place...

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
I guess I'm in the minority but I enjoyed the halftime show. When was the last time a Super Bowl halftime show was anything but disappointing? My young daughters were up and dancing the entire time.

HotMoma is 100% right about the things that happen when MTV is involved. I would have been disappointed if something shocking didn't happen. Right or wrong, it was definitely shocking.

My kids were watching when it happened and you know what? I think they're going to be okay. Roll Eyes

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