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Not likely. Remember, the MLB can and often does draft straight from high schools, so many of the best hs players never even go to college. In football, you can't get drafted until you complete sophomore year (I think it's sophomore, correct me if I'm wrong.) So in football, the best players go to college, and this is just not so in baseball. People won't want to watch where HS baseball players go when the best are gone.

NJ Pitch
I think it's because football players go straight to the club. Draft 'em now....see 'em play in the pros next season.

As baseball draftees spend time in the minors, with a significant percentage never making The Show, there's no immediate impact (except to a bunch of wackos like us).

Perhaps if the Baseball Channel ever starts up, we will see a televised draft.

From 'Nice Guys Finish Last' by Leo Durocher:

Baseball lives at the center of a never-flagging whirl of irreconcilable opinions.
I would certainly like to see the MLB draft (first week of June) on ESPN. Hell if we can have two days of the NFL draft with Mel Kiper, why can't we have two days of the MLB draft with Peter Gammons? Even if it was on ESPN 2. I would certainly watch, I think it would generate a tremendous amount of interest, more than ESPN thinks. Any ideas?

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