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In most states there's some sort of awards or titles or some other distinction bestowed upon high school players. Things like: Conference hitter of the year, or Senior allstar team, etc.

Are you aware of any HS player who went 4 years without "winning" or being named for any individual accolades who then went to play college ball and excelled at the NCAA level?

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This is a follow the metrics question. If a kid has the metrics to become a D1 player chances are he has the talent to be recognized in high school ball.

If he is given playing time. So much politics and desperate parents and slush money in HS ball...

There were several recent stories of D1 players sitting out senior year, being given limited playing time/innings, etc.  Additional details in this thread:


So much politics and desperate parents and slush money in HS ball...

These stories are anecdotal against the big picture. Most players who go on to college ball were high school stars. The number of future college players who get screwed in high school is likely around 1%.

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My son was awarded offensive player of the year for his high school team his senior season. It's the only accolade he ever received in High School. Never received first or second team all-league honors, no team MVP, or any post-season awards. He was a part time starter his Junior year on Varsity - HS coach told him "You impressed me with your hitting during Fall ball, I was originally going to place you on JV."

Fast forward to 2021- his first full year of Div 1 baseball in a solid conference (2 teams made CWS, one still in  it).  He hit .260 in conference play with a few steals and very solid defense in a part time role on a college team with 16 seniors.

Depends on what the definition of "excelling" means. He has a partial scholarship to a great school, loves his teammates, getting great grades, held his own his first full year of D-1 when given the opportunity, and is on a team with a great upward trajectory. I truly believe the fact that he was constantly overlooked in high school and in the travel ball scene here in So Cal lit a fire under him like nothing else.

The multiple college scouts that reached out to him after he went off at an Area Code tryout did not care one bit about all conference, all area, post season accolades, etc. All they wanted was transcripts, videos and him to visit their respective schools.


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Like everything else, there are exceptions and anything can be overcome.  That said, if you scan the bio's of any decent college program, you will almost always see all-league, all-county, all-state, POY, etc.  It is also quite common to see references to high profile travel all-tourney and "ranked #x catcher in the state of ...".   It's not absolute but is one reference point that speaks to the typical college level of play.  Some players find themselves in a particularly deep HS program, or are late bloomers, etc.   

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