Wearing wrist bands with signals on them.

I’ve decided to make another feature available for you. It’s called “Sgrid” and displays the raw data in a way the user might find useful. Please see attachment.

 With it, the user will be able to sort the data by any column, find any value in any column, and a couple other useful things. It’s similar to the “Browse” on the Pcalls form, but the Browse can’t do the other things. See the attachment Pic 1.

 Notice the scroll bars Most computer screen aren’t wide enough to show all the fields, but if your is what you see is stretchable. Pic 2. You can right click on a column header to see the options. Pic 3.

 Values may be changed using either Browse or Sgrid, but I very strongly advise against it because there’s no validity checking.

 I’m ready to send it to you to play with if you’d like, but I need an email address to send it to. Just send me a PM.


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