Anybody headed out to the Cincy Flames Tournaments this weekend.. looks like about 42 teams from all over the area are coming out.. if the weather holds up it should be a great weekend..

Games start Wednesday - Sunday... 17U all wood bat..

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COLefty.....I'm assuming you are from Colorado?  If that's the case, looks like we play you Thursday morning.  I'll look you up.  What number is your son?  Mine is #4

Buckeye ... if I'm reading the schedule correctly, our team doesn't play until Thursday PM.  I think we're the other Colorado team in the tournament (looks like there's 2).


Hopefully we can cross paths later in the weekend!

Wow, the rain overnight and this morning is putting a big hurt on today's action.  Several fields have been cancelled for the day without playing any games.  Gonna make the rest of the weekend's schedule a real mess.....likely going to lose at least 1 pool game


 Sorry I didnt back to post and update for the TOC games...very busy..

we had fun, great turnout of teams.. we packed tues.night  left for Cedarville stayed at the Inn then played that morning... 

My son's team is with the Huntington Hounds.

This weekend we are off to Richmond KY. & Pastime Tournaments.


 Anybody going.?



The Cedarville complex was amazing for a small school.  We played one game there.  A little bit far (50+ miles) from the hotels...but if you're gonna go that far it's nice that the field was really nice.  Great weekend of baseball....though my son (and everyone else) will be glad to get back to metal bats this weekend.

Yeah, nice schools out there... we also played at miami university, top of the line field / school.

I wont mind watching my son for 4 years from the stands of that school.. I think there are a  D1 school too.

*Buckeye are you headed to Richmond ,KY this weekend? 

my son is also glad its metal bats...

The old man at Cedarville has been taking care of that field for 18 years, the sad part about it is that it doesn't look that pretty in March and April when the school plays there. Great weather once the rain quit. That was a young team that won last night in Northern Kentucky.

Well run tournament, especially considering all of the rain on the front end.  We played at 4 top notch college fields and all were in excellent shape.  High quality baseball... we had 3 of our games end in extra inning walk offs!  Most importantly, the games were well scouted.  We had 4 of our kids come away with significant interest (and a couple of offers) from local schools!  


I'd definitely recommend!


Oh yeah ... my PO son loved the wood bats!

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