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Originally Posted by Buckeye 2015:

COLefty.....I'm assuming you are from Colorado?  If that's the case, looks like we play you Thursday morning.  I'll look you up.  What number is your son?  Mine is #4

Buckeye ... if I'm reading the schedule correctly, our team doesn't play until Thursday PM.  I think we're the other Colorado team in the tournament (looks like there's 2).


Hopefully we can cross paths later in the weekend!


 Sorry I didnt back to post and update for the TOC games...very busy..

we had fun, great turnout of teams.. we packed tues.night  left for Cedarville stayed at the Inn then played that morning... 

My son's team is with the Huntington Hounds.

This weekend we are off to Richmond KY. & Pastime Tournaments.


 Anybody going.?



Well run tournament, especially considering all of the rain on the front end.  We played at 4 top notch college fields and all were in excellent shape.  High quality baseball... we had 3 of our games end in extra inning walk offs!  Most importantly, the games were well scouted.  We had 4 of our kids come away with significant interest (and a couple of offers) from local schools!  


I'd definitely recommend!


Oh yeah ... my PO son loved the wood bats!

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