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An acquaintance of mine, son’s played on same summer team one year, his son is getting ready to graduate with his BA Spring 2023. He is under scholarship for the 2023 season. The current school does not offer his chosen masters program. He will still have 2 years of eligibility after the coming spring season. He has applied to several schools and been accepted by most, except the ones that do not want a student playing sports while working toward an graduate degree.

For the sake of the following questions the kid is a D2 stud. Any D2 coach would love to have him on a roster.

Questions are…...when and how should this player introduce himself to potential coaches at the schools he has been accepted?

Will he be required to enter the transfer portal?

Doesn’t want to violate any NCAA rules and doesn’t want to cause any problems at the current school. He’s had a good run at the school and likes the coach.

Thanks for any response in advance.

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Yes, he'll be required to enter the Transfer Portal before coaches at other NCAA programs can talk with him about a possible transfer. 

If he asks his current HC for introductions to other coaches and does that at any time before the spring season is over, he is risking being kicked off his team unless he has an awesome relationship with his current HC. 

Even if they have a great relationship, the HC might say "I completely understand why you want to transfer since we don't offer the grad program you desire.  However, I can't have you looking at other schools during our season because it could be a distraction to the rest of the team.  If you want to contact other schools in the Spring to plan for next year, then you're off the team."

Rick, every situation is different. Your point is well taken. The scenario you described could easily occur. But so can the opposite. A kid that I coached has been a 4 year starter at Haverford. He is team captain this year as a senior. He has an additional year of eligibility and Haverford doesn’t offer grad degrees. So this player has already entered the transfer portal for next year, acting on the advice of his HC at Haverford. And the HC is actively helping to find a school for the player to transfer to after this year. Your current HC is usually your best resource if you have a solid relationship with him. If you don’t have a good relationship everything is pretty dicey.

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