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Below is a link to the AABC Connie Mack Regional bracket. It is being played Wed-Sun here in the metroplex @ TCU, UT-Arlington, UT-Dallas and Trinity Christian Academy. Winner advances to the Connie Mack World Series in Farmington, NM.

CM Regional Bracket

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DP2005 - you sure do have an ear to the ground. Wink

I just got back from the managers' meeting at TCU and indeed only one team came from Houston (Outlaws White) as the others chose to end their summers. Albuquerque Rio Grande will take one of the spots so it is now a 15-team bracket.

All times and sites remain the same for Wednesday's first round games with the one change being that the Dallas Tigers 18 get a bye.

Revised CM Regional Bracket
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Mustangs vs Austin Slam @ TCU 10 AM

LH Wildcats vs Dallas Tigers @ TCU Noon

Patriots vs Cherry Creek Bruins (Colorado) @ UTA 10 am

Houston Outlaws vs Texas Stars UTA Noon

OKC Falcons vs Bill Hood FBA 10 AM

JM Thunder vs Rio Grande FBA Noon

Topeka Stars vs Farmington Black Sox Reverchon Noon : Winner plays DBAT @ Reverchon, 2 PM

Loser bracket games at FBA, Reverchon, UTA and TCU all at 3 PM.
We dropped the first one to the Cherry Creek Bruins 8-1. Marc Johnson is an outstanding coach and his Cherry Creek squad played very well while we did not have one of our better games. We play today at 2pm @ Reverchon. I don't know all of the scores since the tournament was so spread out due to the rain but the most updated bracket is posted on our website and can be accessed via the link below:

Updated Regional Bracket
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CMR Updates

Mustangs over Slam 17 Wild pitched a gem

Cherry Creek beats Pats in Extra innings

The Wildcats beat The Tigers in Extra innings

Outlaws over Stars

DBAT over Topeka (KS)(eliminated) Kershaw Struck out 14

Oklahoma Falcons over Bill Hood (La)(eliminated) Bill Hood 2 and out WOW

Rio Grand over Oklahoma City Falcons (eliminated)

Tigers over Slam (eliminated)

Stars over Patriots (eliminated)

Cherry Creek over Outlaws

Wildcats over Mustangs 2-1

Only 8 teams left after tonite

5 left after tommorrow!
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DBAT over New Mexico (eliminated)

Tigers over Cherry Creek(eliminated)

Mustangs over Houston Outlaws(eliminated)

DBAT over Mustangs(eliminated)

LH Wilcats got the bye and are still undefeated

Three Teams left--DBAT, Tigers,and LH Wildcats

The Dallas Tigers have drawn the bye this round so;

DBAT over Wilcats

Tigers over DBAT(eliminated)
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Final three games @ TCU today:

Round 6
DBAT - 6
LH Wildcats - 5
(Dallas Tigers - bye)

Round 7
Dallas Tigers - 4
DBAT - 0
(LH Wildcats - bye)

Championship Game
LH Wildcats - 5
Dallas Tigers - 1

Congratulations to Rusty Hill and his Lake Highlands Wildcats. They had an outstanding season and we wish them the best in Farmington at the Connie Mack World Series.
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The LH Wildcats opened the Connie Mack World Series last night against the Ann Arbor Braves of Michigan. The game was scoreless when rain caused it's suspension going into the bottom of the third with the Braves coming to bat. It was resumed today and the Wildcats lost 4-1 with Alec Marsh being the pitcher of record for LH.

Rusty told me the Michigan team was very good and that the Midland Redskins beat Puerto Rico 4-2 so the Wildcats will next play Puerto Rico on Monday.

Connie Mack World Series

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