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Some of these young men aren't Maryland residents, but it'll be a start. This is stolen (sic) from the Mid Atlantic Red Sox website:

Red Sox Alumni

Alumni Class of 2009:

Josh Conway
Coastal Carolina University (SC)

Tyler Drinkard
University of Maryland Baltimore County (MD)

Charlie Haslup
University of Maryland (MD)

Kyle Haynes
Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)

Branden Kline
University of Virginia (VA)

Brandon King
University of Tennessee (TN)

Jimmy Lanning
Salisbury University (MD)

Sam Nott
Mount St. Mary's University (MD)

Mark Quaranta
Mount St. Mary's University (MD)

Marshall Thompson
West Virginia University (WV)

Michael Twigg
West Virginia University (WV)

Jamison Walck
Slippery Rock University (PA)

Brady Wilson
West Virginia University (WV)
Originally posted by R Ringer:
Originally posted by Stubble:
R Ringer,

Which ones are Maryland guys?


I'm not sure. If you go to their roster page you'll be able to click on each player's name and learn all about them.

Red Sox Roster

Reside in Maryland:

Josh Leemhius, OF, (commitment to North Carolina) attends Saint Johns College High School, lives in Bethesda.

Jimmy Reed, LHP, (commitment to University of Maryland) attends Saint Johns College High School, lives in Gaithersburg.
Originally posted by E24:
Justin Albright
George Washington University

Oh my golly!!! I'm getting old. For some reason I was shocked to see this post. I've known Justin for quite a few years and I guess I didn't really stop to think that he was that old. Wow. Time goes by so fast.

In any event, they're getting a fine young man from a wonderful family. Congrats to him!

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