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top prospect can mean alot of different things. in most cases a 2010 is just now becomming a high school top prospect. we are very blessed at poteet to have two 2010's that have gotten innings on varsity since they were freshman. IMHO they are past being top prospects in high school and if there is any doubt about them being top prospects for college then you need to talk to some of the 5A playoff teams that haven't been able to hit them. in nonemakers case, he has been our closer so his ability isn't reflected by stats in the DMN.
I don't think stats of any kind are a reliable source to "pick" top pitchers (or hitters, for that matter). Stats are a byproduct. Wins are affected by too many things. Strikeouts have a lot to do with innings pitched. Earned runs are regulated by such things as outfielders being able to catch flyballs in the gap, infielders getting to balls in the hole etc.

I just wanted to start conversation on which players have the best chance to be "prospects" (whatever that is in your opinion)this summer and next spring. Stats tell us nothing.
I believe stats are a good baseline to start to evaluate a pitcher. I have to disagree that no stats are a reliable source to pick top pitchers. Strike outs to innings pitched once you get over 25 innings has got to stand for something.
Saying that, I still believe mound presence and game control is hard to show through stats and the best way to evaluate a pitcher is to scout in person.
I also agree the DMN is a great place to look but it seems that not all of the schools report their stats.
The three 2010 pitchers I have seen that are really strong are Ross Vance and Tyler Provence both Lovejoy and Austin Brooks from Farmersville.
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