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Not sure if any of you are looking at the Stanford Summer Camps for your players.  I noticed via Twitter the link and SS is already waitlisted for the 4 All-Star Camp dates....  the link is below.  

 (Edited...felt like I was a marketing rep for the camp... intended only as an fyi for those interested, this camp always sells out fast.  There are plenty of observations about this camp, please use the SEARCH button to view past comments and experiences)



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wow, I think it was $595 when my last son did it.  Having gone through this once before, I am not sure $1,100 is worth it.  All it really did was generate a whole bunch of other camp emails from other schools.  All his opportunities came from either the AZ Fall Classics or old fashion email/video then follow-up.  In the end, he received his current scholarship from emailing video with verified velo to coaches.  And no, he is not one of those 94-95 mph guys.

Stanford fills up fast . Always has. But keep in mind, Stanford is the Gold Standard for Academic Camp. They wrote the book. My son did it and had a great experience and it really kicked off his recruiting . Too many times parents try to go with the less expensive camps. I know i did!. But the truth is it's a waste of money.

My son now plays at a high academic D1 in the South . I spent a lot of money and made plenty of mistakes during his recruiting cycle. If I had a do over, there would only be 2 events that I would that I would absolutely do :

1) Stanford Camp

2) AZ Fall Classic Academic All-Star Tryouts / Game

If your son can play and is a 3.7 + Those 2 events are game changers


Stanford and AZ Classic have more D1's than D3's attending, and the D1's aren't all high academic.

Headfirst and Showball have Ivy's, Patriot, few other D1's, but I bet 60% of the college coaches attending are from high academic D3's.  (Headfirst and Showball also have different formats.)

Knowing your son's academic strengths, career interests, and playing capabilities and projectability will help guide you to which camps would make sense.  Objective baseball assessments by club coaches, cheaper local showcases can help.  Attending all these camps can be expensive.  Best to have a plan based on abilities and interests.

Remember, your kid might be smart but these coaches are still baseball guys looking for the best players they can find.  At the end, can you hit or can you pitch?  These two items pop out at camps and showcases.

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