Forgive me if there is already a thread for this, but if there is, it's so far down the list that I couldn't find it.

But if not, I'll christen the 2019's list with the happy news for Justin Starke, C/3B for Prince George High School and the Virginia Cardinals 2019's.  Justin has committed to VMI.

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Jimmy Starnes, RHP from the Virginia Cardinals, has chosen West Virginia University from among numerous suitors! 

Jimmy played through last spring at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, but is transferring to IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL  for the coming year.

Benedictine's Casey Green has committed to Coastal Carolina. He's a RHP that stands about 6'5. Didn't pitch in HS last year due to injury but is a member of the Canes 17U National team that just won in Jupiter. As a younger kid, he played with Ron Maurer at RBA South. As I understand it, he had a lot of offers to choose from as he has been lights out in his action with the Canes this fall. 

I noticed on Twitter that Jacob Williams of Liberty Christian has committed to Middle Tennessee State. Jim Toman is the new coach -- and Toman is the former coach at Liberty University. Jacob moved to the Lynchburg area when he was in middle school, I believe. He is originally from Colonial Heights. He played with Ron Maurer's teams at RBA South as a youngster. He's a great kid and was always an exceptional hitter. 

I think you ask in jest -- but the Cardinals have a long history of sending kids to all levels of college baseball. You'll see their kids at high level D1 schools, and quality D3 programs too. And the draft. They do a great job attracting some of the best kids in the area. But I think you already knew this? 

We were founded in 2010.  We went several years before we had even one player not get a college commitment.  At this point, we have had a few for whom nothing worked out, but it is our goal to find a match for every player in our program. 

For that reason, we work with a set roster in each class; we don't deal in cameo appearances, ringers, etc.  Players commit to the entire program as a condition of participating.  The program includes ongoing instruction, games, "scout day" workouts, monitoring of grades and SAT's, and education of the players in how best to determine their targets and how best to try to garner interest from their targets.

I know a lot of programs have you just show up and play.   I have no problem with anyone who wants to do it some other way, but what we do is a bit different.  And also, not for everyone.  We do ask for a substantial commitment to the process, and we have occasionally parted company with folks who expect things to be more indulgent.  But if you stick with us, we will certainly stick with you.

I will say, we used to get a lot of other folks posting commitments here, and it seems like a lot have stopped.  Personally, I like to see players do well whether or not they are in our program, so I would encourage anyone to post any commitments of which they are certain, whether it's in another program or maybe just your son. 

Just -- BE CERTAIN.  Don't post rumors or such.


We have played against teams from Connecticut on occasion!  And we occasionally offer events of our own, so feel free to make a southern trip some time.

(I think many don't know that this is a Virginia Forum, which you can't really tell from the topics/comments on the right side of the page.  The old format told you which forum and how many views.  I can't remember which year it changed over.)

We like ALL states viewing where Virginia Cardinals players commit to, however!  (keewartson was a Va Cardinal)

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