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Heat season is going well. Our record is not as stupendous as last years, but we are facing a lot better competition this year, and with that, the boys will be much better prepared going into next year.

I could have never guessed the difference between 15 and 16 though. These boys got their drivers licenses and they changed, baseball isn't thier number one focus anymore. It's cars and girls.....not necessarily in that order.

The coaches have done a great job at getting the boys concentration back and to focus at least for the 2 hours they are on the field.

The Heat has some real special players on it, some of whom my son has played with for 5 years. The boys all get along, which is a big plus in select baseball. Even a bigger plus is the group of parents, in all the years my son has played, I've never experienced a better set of parents.

Lynn has really done a great job, and after hearing some of the parents of some of the other Dallas teams up in Norman, I feel blessed that my son is playing on this team.

Lynn has surrounded the boys with guys that know the game.

Last year and the year before that, my son had BP thrown to him before every game by an ex major leaguer that is currently a manager in the Minor Leagues. This year, BP is being thrown by another ex major leaguer that is a local celebrity. His third base coach holds the record for most stolen bases at UTA and is in thier Hall of Fame. His first base coach has been around Select Baseball for years, and in fact has coached my son on and off since he was 10. Lynn played D1 ball and not only knows the game, but teaches respect for the game. Something you don't see on every select team.

These guys know what it takes to succeed in this game, and every day they try to instill that in our kids.
We were lax and didn't post a bracket to keep up with the games.

Heat Scores (From top of my head)


Heat 9
Colt 45's 1


Heat 12
Cleburn Yellow Jackets 2

Heat 2
Dallas Tigers Ingram 4


Heat 6
Panthers 2

Heat 8
Wizards 4

I know the Panthers beat the Tigers.

Wizards beat the Panthers

Colt 45's beat the Panthers

Tigers beat the Arlington Heat 18's

Tigers beat Colt 45's

Maybe one of the other dad's can post up on thier teams record for the weekend.
Here are the final results of our tournament this weekend.
Dallas Tigers Ingram 4
Arlington Wizards 2

Arlington Wizards 10
Dallas Panthers 6

Dallas Panthers 4
Cleburne Yellowjackets 2

Tigers Ingram 12
Arlington Heat 18's 5

Arlington Heat 16'2 11
Colt 45's 1

Arlington Wizards 8
Cleburne Yellowjackets 7

Colt 45's 5
Arlington Heat 18's 5

Tigers Ingram 8
Colt 45's 0

Dallas Panthers 8
Tiger Ingram 4

Arlington Heat 16's 9
Cleburne Yellowjackets 1

Tigers Ingram 4 (9 Innings)
Arlington Heat 16's 2

Colt 45's 11
Dallas Panthers 3

Arlington Heat 16's 5
Dallas Panthers 3

Arlington Heat 16's 8
Arlington Wizards 4

Colt 45's 10
Cleburne Yellowjackets 2

Arlington Heat 18's 14
Arlington Wizards 6

Arlington Heat 18's 6
Cleburne Yellowjackets 3

Final Standings
Dallas Tigers Ingram 4 - 1
Arlington Heat 16's 4 - 1
Arlington Heat 18's 2 - 1 - 1
Colt 45's 2 - 2 - 1
Arlington Wizards 2 - 3
Dallas Panthers 2 - 3
Cleburne Yellowjackets 0 - 5

Thanks to Coach Curtis and his staff at UTA for running a first class event. We will do it the same time next year.
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