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Cold bats on the Marcus end, Pressley pitched a very nice game for Marcus, Martin's pitchers kept us out of the hunt and congrats to Imhoff on the HR and the save.

Great seeing you again 11'sdad, I wish your son well and the best of luck!!!!

Now that our season is over and baseball is finished at this household, after 13 years of watching my son play the game, it is on to figuring out how to spend my summers, what is a women to do???????????????????
Congrats to all the teams that are advancing on to next week I wish you all well and to those that just finished their HS season this weekend, I can feel your pain and I wish you all the best.

It has been a great ride and I guess it is time to sign off of HSBBweb.................

I am riding off into the sunset..........take care my friends I will stop by now and again to wish the players I have watched for years and those I have just met this year, well in their pursuit of the game.

And best of luck to all that have son's going on to college to continue with the game, I look forward to seeing their names in the college linescores.....
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Originally posted by oldbat-never:
Now that our season is over and baseball is finished at this household, after 13 years of watching my son play the game, it is on to figuring out how to spend my summers, what is a women to do???????????????????

Oh...I don't know....maybe a little house work...come on Hazel! Wink I feel for you!! Good luck to BD at KSU!! Smile You are a lass with class!!
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North Mesquite is a solid ballclub.
If Plano West saves Guest for game 3 like in past series they will be in trouble.

North Mesquite has a soph that closes that throws GAS. Name ? N Mesquite dad said kid was just cleared to throw from rotater problems.
P Diddy you can add ? to 90's list

I have seen plenty of kids throw 90. He's 90+ and in the zone
OBN, so sad to read about Marcus' loss. Frown

San Antonio Reagan's season ended as well today with a record of 31-5-1. We had won Game 1 vs. Corpus Christi Carroll on Thursday night and fully expected to get a win in today in Corpus, but it was not meant to be. We were ahead going into the bottom of the 7th in Games 2 and 3 today, but basically gave the games away through baserunning and fielding errors. Very uncharacteristic mistakes by Reagan. Today was just not our day.

It's always so sad saying goodbye, especially to the seniors and their parents. It's helpful to know that at least 6 of our seniors will play ball in college, but it was a very tough day for everyone, especially for Coach Chapman and the players as they had a 3-hour bus ride home.

I cannot even imagine my son coming home from school a little after 4 p.m. this coming week. It will feel so weird. I know summer ball is only 2 weeks away, but the finality of the spring season is sobering and hard to shake.

Best wishes to all those schools still in the playoffs, especially Carroll and San Antonio's Smithson Valley. I hope you represent South Texas well in the coming weeks!
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What a sad day, I just read about SA Reagan and McKinney North....I am totally shocked on those 2!!!!!! Both teams have a history/pattern of success in the postseason, loaded with talent what a shock... This is a game that on any given day can be won by any given team.

Infield08, Natural, 11'sdad,cheapseats, PD and OP are now entering a very exciting summer, the summer prior to their son's senior year. I wish you all the best, enjoy it and relax if you can because you are about to enter a year that will go faster than you can ever imagine. I wish you all the best!!! And I am sorry that this season of HS baseball has come to an end for all your sons and their teams.

Who is left that are faithful's on the board:

A. Martin
P. West

Who am I missing?

Hey guys and gals, I thought I could stay away, but I guess I just can't till this season wraps up, too many friends still playing..... then a break is in order, unless I find a baseball playing/crazy son to adopt then WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Panther Dad:
OP called and let me know that they were heading home from Mt Pleasant -- having lost 2 to Nac. I think the socres were 3-2 and 7-4. Nac will meet HP next weekend -- go Scots!

Just got in..........what a bummer day.

Game 1:

McKinney North 2 2 1
Nacogdoches 3 8 2

LP-Lackie 6+IP 7H (all singles) 3R 3ER 2BB 9K 1HBP
Steed 1/3IP 1H (game winner) 0R 0ER 1BB 0K
WP-MacInnich (sp?) 7IP 2H 2R 1ER 3BB 5K 1HBP

Nac scored 1 in the 6th and 2 in the bottom of the 7th for the win.

Matt had a 24 1/3 innings scoreless streak snapped in the 6th inning!!

Game 2:
Nacogdoches 7 13 3
McKinney North 4 6 2

LP-Steed 7IP 13H 7R 3ER 2BB 9K
WP-Lunsford 3IP 1H 1R 1ER 3BB 5K
Hill started for the Dragons and went 4+IP 5H 3R 3ER 4BB 2K 1HBP

MacInnich (sp?) went 6-7 today. We couldn't get him out!!

Nac had 32 hits in the 3 game series against some of the better pitching in the area in my opinion. I think they'll give HP all they can handle next weekend. Should be a great series.

Congratulations to everyone that won today, including my alma-mater McKinney!!
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Reagan has a fine ball club and should be very proud of that great season.

This series was as close as you can get. If Im not mistaken all three games were a score of 3-2

all three games were won in the bottem of the 7th inning.

This could have gone either way, carroll was just the better team today. If these 2 teams played 10 times i could see a 5-5 split. The difference today was the bottem of the order for carroll got it done, they started both of the rallies for carroll to have a chance in the 7th.

Reagan was a very good ball club and could have easily been the team moving to the next round, but this is why we play the games.

Congrats on a great season for the rattler players and I wish the best for all of the seniors on that ball club, it is very hard to play your last game of your high school season.
glhamda you might want to tap the brakes a little there.

Originally posted by glhamda:
N. Mesquite has no chance.

PW is going all the way.

To much senior pitching and timly hitting.

I guess by saying going all the way means you are gonna make it passed the Woodlands? That would be the next round for you if you beat North Mesquite.. GOOD LUCK WITH ALL THAT! Might wanna start thinking about summer ball right away.
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