Anybody got any experience with this for HS seniors who can really use the extra year to mature(athletically/academically)?

I know it's prevalent in football and basketball.

How does it impact recruiting?

Recommended prep schools or academies?
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A year ago we had a player in prep school and it helped him immensely--- we watched him mature before our eyes
I think they would be a great idea; I just don't know where you would find one. JCs tend to fill this role for baseball players, but not as well as a prep school potentially could and without costing any eligibility.
Several years ago, a family friend sent their son to Bridgton Academy in Maine. He was a lacrosse player being recruited by some big schools back east...but felt like he needed another year academically. Can't remember the name of the school..but it was pricey and, good news, a great place for this kid. He ended up going to St. John's...unfortunately, he only lasted a year. Nothing to do with lacrosse..just a hard adjustment for a kid from California.
Fork Union Military Academy - Virginia. My neighbor went there after high school. Recruited by Va Tech - spent several years in the NFL. He thinks our son would benefit greatly by going there. Academics are 6 or 7 week sessions concentrating on one subject. (1 session of english, math, etc) The prep teams play various colleges. Son is not interested in going to Virginia. We didn't dare mention that it is military. No cars, no cell phones, no CD players, etc. They have a pretty good web site with a lot of info.
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Contact "itsrosy" in a 'private message.' His son is doing this same thing after he graduates this year. As a matter of fact, he is attending a school out east.

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