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Where's the love for these two districts?

Come on. They need some love and hype just like the other seven districts from the North Texas area that have their own threads.

I don't have a dog in this fight - would just like to know who I should go see this spring (specifically which 10-5A teams are going to battle for playoff spots).

Jafo - no fodder from you?
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!"
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No dog either, so for what it's worth...9-5A

1-4 (in any order)
WTWhite (projected winner)
Lake Highlands

Each of these teams was very young last year, with WTW and Richardson losing only one starter each. Not the strongest district out there, but may get a team or two a couple rounds deep come May. Realignment has been kind to this district.

Creekview (with their returners, these guys could make a run for the title, or end up out of the playoffs)
Too early to tell.
9-5A Richrdson and Lake Highlands have only one game under their belts and WTW has not played yet. Berkner is a surprise at 0-4, but have 30+ runs in 4 losses. Pitching should settle down and they will be ok.

10-5A Similar to the above, too soon to tell, but it does look like Rowlett and Sachse should be 1 and 2 at seasons end, with 2 others up in the air. Looks like Naaman had a tough go of it over the weekend, so early returns on them being in the thick of it may have been over stated...
So far in 9-5A it stands-
WT White 5-0
Berkner 4-1
Lake Highlands 3-1 (Ricardson and LH finished theyre 14 inning battle today not sure how many more they went and not sure on who one quite yet)
Richardson 3-1
Creekview 3-2
Molina 1-4
Skyline 0-5
Sunset 0-5

Berkner plays Richardson tomorrow and WT White on Sat.

Richardson plays Berkner tomorrow and Creekview on Sat

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