I am no expert as I leave that to the experts my son works with.  So take this FWIW. 

How old is your son?  My son's lower half issues have greatly improved with strength training and maturity. He still could lengthen his stride some but it has gotten much better. 

Really difficult to tell based on these still shots. Video taken from front & side view would be helpful (rear also if you can get non game). From angle it looks like his foot is landing extremely open. Could be the angle so really hard to say. A lot of the cause will be revealed between the first & second shot during the stride phase. I don't agree with the instructor encouraging him to "reach further with his plant foot". The stride length should be a result of other things done well earlier in the delivery. Creating momentum will result in a longer more powerful stride. Reaching normally results in flying open. Flying open results in increased stress on the arm, reduced velocity & missing high and inside to the arm side.

What???   What's wrong with the hair?  

Anyway . . . for the most part, I think he looks pretty good (like his separation and his stride).  But I don't care for the position of his left arm as he makes his stride.  The bio-mechanical link of it puts some strain on the right arm and if he can bring that left arm down a little bit, it would help some with velocity and command.  IMHO, FWIW   

Has anyone else ever mentioned something along that line?

Agree with Truman on gloveside. Might help if he points thumb down during hand break and go thumb up when he begins to rotate his shoulders. Hard to tell from this angle but looks like he might be "counter rotating". If so its misdirection making it more difficult to get down the mound (IMO). Overall he looks pretty good. Let him enjoy the hair, he's only young once!

CABBAGE.....Yes, Yes, and Yes again about the visual and picking up his target earlier.  Its constantly mentioned, somehow he still throws about 62% strikes.

No TRUMAN, in fact he wants him to stick that lead arm more and rotate like a cartwheel almost. I think it allows everything to catch up due to his long stride. thx to degrom and syndergard (sp) for the hair.

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