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Hi, I'm a 2007 grad- a junior. I'm looking to play college basebal and I've done a lot of research, but I know there are many knowledgeable baseball minds here. My question is: I am a very good student- about a 3.9 GPA, 95% Percentile PSAT score, AP classes, etc. Baseball is really important to me as well as academics. My baseball talent should allow me to play DIII ball (OR MAYBE BETTER!)

Besides the Ivy's, do you have any suggestions for schools I should look into?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

thanx, gg3
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wow, you have so many choices....there are many D3 schools that have exceptional academics and great about narrowing it down a bit to some sort of criteria.....

Geographic area, intended major, religious affiliated school...... ect...that can help....

If your in the NE...., TRHIT can steer you to some great programs.....
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FYI Ivy's are D1. As for some great schools NESCAC Conference is great academics. Do not be fooled there are some very good D3 baseball schools that can challenge and beat some of the D1

Look for the school that makes you feel wanted keep grades up and get your name out to schools

Good luck

New England Small College Athletic Conference
Amherst College
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Colby College
Hamilton College
Middlebury College
Trinity College (Connecticut)
Tufts University
Wesleyan University (Connecticut)
Williams College

New England Women's & Men's Athletics Conference
Babson College
Clark University (Massachusetts)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Springfield College
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Wheaton College (Massachusetts)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

University Athletic Association
Brandeis University
Case Western Reserve University
Emory University
University of Chicago
Washington University (Missouri)
Gold glove, If you're living in the nation, there are many fine choices and some were mentioned by TKD. If you want great coaching, Amherst is a solid choice as Coach Thurston is one of the most knowlegeable and well liked in the northeast. There are many other great coaches as well and none should be overlooked.

Four DIII links to consider:

Continuing the Dad-bias... Haverford, in suburban Philly, has morphed from an 8-17 team, in 2001, to a vote-getter in the 2006 pre-season poll:

On the "fair & balanced" side, there are 417 DIII options, although not all play baseball:

Finally, please note that DIII athletics seem to always be swimming the "reform stroke":
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