What are the chances for a LHP with cruising fb of 87-89, curve of 71-73 and chng up 68-70 getting a good look during the draft? I've heard so much about 90 mph fastballs from guys 6' 6" or better and am wondering if a 6' 1" 170lbs with the pitches listed above has much of a chance?
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twoseamer ...

As we say (from the domain of a RHP) ... you have genetics on your side. 14

Good luck ...

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We learn a lot from crayons:
some are sharp; some are dull; some are pretty;
some have weird names; all are different colors.
And they all have to learn to live in the same box.
Thanks for the encouragement. If I may, I'd like to ask another question.

If he chose not to play a Fall schedule or attend showcases (such as WWBA Tournament in Jupiter) does he in effect "drop off the radar" with scouts? He made this choice for two reasons: 1. He threw quite a lot during the spring and summer and wanted to rest his arm. 2. He needed to work on his academics and wanted to spend more time preparing for the ACT. He is still very hopeful that being drafted is a possibility, but is trying to stay realistic. He is working hard on getting stronger, (can't do much about the height). Do any of you feel that not "being seen" in the fall can in effect take him out of the loop?

If your son has been approached by scouts in the past, gets follow up calls on a monthly basis and perhaps they have indicated that they would like to visit the family at your home at a future date, your son is already on the radar.
If not, don't worry. It's amazing how quickly things happen in the Spring if the scouts are interested.
My son attended only one tournament last fall, and everything worked out fine. My point is
the fall season can certainly help, but it is more important that he performs well in the Spring. It's a very fluid time and scouts' rankings, etc. can change daily. The main thing is for your son to enjoy the Spring season as a player as much as possible, and hopefully his dream will come true. Good Luck.

Thanks for your response. I hope you are right. While he doesn't get "monthly" calls he did get a few in late summer. One requesting a lot of information about his high school, his parents (maybe they really want to draft me, hehe)and so forth. I was just curious if he/we are doing the right thing by working on strength/conditioning and grades in lieu of going to a few of the Fall/Winter events. If things are as fluid as you say, I feel better about the decision we have made so far.

Keep him doing what he is doing--maintain the grades-- if the draft does not happen and there are no givens here he wants to be in great shape academically for college

Good Luck

be sure he always respects the game. make sure he wears his uniform properly. hat straight, pants pulled down and never gesture to the oposition after he strikes them out. you never know when that scout is watching.

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