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I had umpire doing that. I already tried to talk to him twice about the rule 9.02 c. He goes to his boss saying he can. He also said he didn't what the rule said.

After that i did not want to continue the game with him, told the assigner about it. The assigner apologize and was glad i stick with it.

close play at first with a runner on first. second baseman dives and i called the runner out. other coach comes to talk to the plate umpire,

edit it was baberuth, the other coach tried to appeal it cause he was not following rules. the guy didn't know what he was doing.

Hack another umpire i work with who been doing it for 7 years he agreed. I like some guy that i work with.

The plate umpire tells that is his call. wrong that is my call in else i am over at shortstop with two runners on. He also had me in the wrong spot.

He never even talk to me over the play that's how he went around the rule. i was not pleased.

Guy name Ron tells that judgement calls are us and don't bother coming out.

Sorry for being long. But i am glad i said something anything similar happen to you all?
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I am not sure from your description if what you had was an overturning of your call or a call made by another umpire that was supposed to be yours in a mechanics question...

However, you are right that in the rule 9.02, no umpire is to overrule another....we are to offer advice if requested and if an error is detected, then the umpire that called the original call, will then change HIS call.....
piaa_ump- it was my call. He even puts me in the wrong position.

There was at one runner on so i should of been somewhat near second base and first. maybe closer to first.

now if two runners on i would move in front of were shortstop would be. I know it was my call. He said it was his.

Exactly he never came up to ask me either piaa ump he never talk to me never never walk to me. he just listen to other coach and said he was safe.

Now the other team was looking into the rules and i told 9.02 c hack even the parents got on my side.

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