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I'm copying and pasting this from another site so I can't add anything else other than what is posted. Just curious what you guys think of this situation.

Let me see if I can explain this situation, and see if the correct ruling was made. It happened to me during a Babe Ruth All-Star Tournament - playing by, and under, high school rules. Here goes:

My team, is team A. The opposing team is Team B.

Team B is batting in their half of the inning. Bases are loaded with 1 out. Team B's batter hits a fly ball to center field. My center fielder catches it, and Team B's runner at 3rd tags up to come home. Throw gets away, and one more run comes home to score. Team B's runner at 1st when play happened, runs all the way to 3rd base while 3rd base is already occupied by another player for Team B. Once the play becomes dead, 2 runs for Team B have scored with a runner at 2nd.

My coaches, who were watching the play, alerted me to the fact that the runner that tagged up from 3rd on the fly ball left early. I got the umpires attention and CLEARLY indicated that I was appealing to 3rd base that the runner left early when he tagged up to go home on the fly ball. I had my pitcher go through the proper appeal procedure by taking the mound, stepping off, and throwing to 3rd base. 3rd baseman steps on the bag and the umpire ruled the player out, therefore none of the runs counted. Both teams ran off the field, and were ready for play in the bottom half of the inning since my team was the home team.

However, when both teams were ready for play, the umpire went over to the opposing coach and told him that the player never retraced his steps. Team B's coach asked what he called out, and the umpire told him that he ruled the runner at 2nd out for not re-tracing his steps whenever he tagged 3rd while that base was occupied. Team B's coach alerted the umpire that that's not what I had appealed, and a discussion ensued.

Both umpires walked over to me, and the home plate umpire informed me that he misunderstood what it was I was appealing, even though I CLEARLY stated what I was appealing. The base umpire heard and understood what I was appealing. Home plate umpire thought I was appealing the fact that the runner never re-traced his steps, and that's why he called him out. However, I informed the umpire, if that's what I was appealing, I would've had my pitcher throw to 2nd base and not 3rd base because of my understanding and knowledge of the appeal rules.

Basically, at the end of everything. The home plate umpire said the runner didn't leave early on the tag (although my coach's adamantly indicated he did), allowed two extra runs to score, but did allow me to appeal to 2nd base so that runner was deemed out and the inning was over.

Was that the correct ruling made? My frustration with the call was that I was very clear in what I was appealing. The opposing coach and team, the fans, and the base umpire all heard me indicate what I was appealing. He ruled he was out, my team came off the field, their team went on the field and was ready for play when the umpires got us together for this discussion.

I hope I explained that well enough. It was a crazy situation that I've never had happen to me during a game I was coaching, and not one I've seen on a regular basis either.

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Well I think; you shouldn't copy and paste from this source ever again.

I also think I don't what the heck really happened?

With his "understanding and knowledge" of the appeal rules", he should know that all runners can touch a base at the same time; long as they all fit, nobody passes anybody, and nobody gets tagged.

I also think BR doesn't play HS(FED) rules so, this indicates to me this BR All-Star team went and played in a non BR sanctioned tourny. Ran into some non certified in anything Umps.

Initial call on the appeal of R3 would be the PU's call an appeal of what ever they thought R1 did or didn't do would be BU's call, so if PU was making all these calls and doing the splaining, I think I just verified my comments about the quality of the Umpire crew.
Originally posted by jjk:
I also think BR doesn't play HS(FED) rules so, this indicates to me this BR All-Star team went and played in a non BR sanctioned tourny. Ran into some non certified in anything Umps.

Or, if it wasn't Fed, anything the coach said fell on deaf ears. However, the umpire should have then asked the fielder what he was appealing.
This is a mess. First, as stated already, BR plays OBR not FEd. If Fed then the coach should have just asked for the appeal. The coach says he knows the appeal rules but doesn't seem to in either code.
It sounds like he thought R3 left early but the umpire didn't. The umpire thought the R2 did leave early and called him out but he doesn't know appeal rules either.
For the coaches here, please remember you do not have to take the ball to the mound to appeal unless the ball becomes dead.

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