My son a junior rhp has got an invite to the Whitesox area code tryouts for the 3rd year in a row.  We have never heard anything after the event in years past, but last year it was hard to ignore the 30 coaches with radar behind the screen. He got some "that a boys" from some of the coaches, but that was it. His performances have been pretty good at these events. I still think its a must go to event. Especially since it is free.  He has had some contact with some mid-majors and that is probably where he falls as far as talent. Just trying to plan how to focus on getting hooked up with the right program this summer. What you all think?

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Do you mean hooked up with the right travel team or right college? Area Code is great, yes the team is almost entirely picked before tryouts even start and there are some politics involved but it's a free showcase with plenty of eyes on you. I think it's the best single event out there. 

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He plays with one of the best travel teams in the area. He will also be a guest player on another strong team occasionally.  

We hope to have an idea what his options are by the end of summer.  He was knocked out of being able to do winter events due to rehabbing a football injury, so we feel like we are getting behind.

Just participating in the area code tryouts is great exposure. A lot of excellent players who go on to quality D1 programs don’t make Area Code teams.

Last years had the most coaches that i have seen in one place actively taking notes and measurables. Decision is made to definitely go again this year.

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Yes area code nomination and participation was very cool, but like PABASEBALL mentioned....not the tryout you'd expect or team selection criteria.

My son was nominated and went this past summer and the ONLY pitchers they kept were "any" kid throwing 90 or faster. Control didn't matter. One kid sailed on into the net at 92 and they said. "OK" and kept him.  Other kids couldn't throw a strike and they were kept. Once they threw 90+. My son threw darts and topped at 88-89. Didn't make it. Worked out in the end for him anyway.

Heard the scrimmage was horrible given they recruited gas and not control. 

We're passing this year. Which is fine. He's not chasing the draft or interested but it would have been cool to play in CA in the AreaCode Tourney and exposure for sure.  



My son was fortunate enough to get to play in the Underclass games last year. Hands down his favorite event he’s ever done. Highly recommend it if your kid ever gets the chance. My son is working hard & hoping to make it again this year & next 🤞

During the 17 years [1987-2004] of "operating" the Area Code games, I attended every tryout in the USA. Evaluated the players, visited with the Pro Scouts and College Coaches, the Agents and Parents and set the tryout system with games.

The 900 team was formed to place the players who were missed or who I believed deserved the opportunity to play in Long Beach.

Albert Pujols, Adam Laroche were 2 of the players.


That is a must attend event (tryouts)    Of course it's not all fair etc but tons of exposure and if you do make it there's nothing son made Area Code Underclass after a very sub par sophomore year...had a great junior year and great AC tryout but did not make the upper class...yes it hurt for a bit but he gave 100% 

As far as finding a college program now is not the time for recruiting anyway. Colleges are in season and they are plenty busy there. I would start emailing hard as soon as their seasons end. Let them know where you're going to be, when you're going to be there, how hard he throws, his size, GPA, and who he plays for. Would also be beneficial to have his travel coach start making calls towards the end up the season on his behalf. That way when they show up to AC tryouts they will have your son's name on a list of kids to lookout for if they are interested in his size/velo. 

For now you have to sit down with travel coach and get an honest opinion of which level they see him fitting in. If it's mid major D1s May/June will be the time to push hard. Lower level D1s the same, but you have more time extending into the late summer/early fall. If it's a top travel program they should have no problem picking up a phone. 

"As far as finding a college program now is not the time for recruiting anyway. Colleges are in season and they are plenty busy there."

While generally true, local college coaches will come to watch your games in season if (a) you're on their list and (b) your games don't conflict with their in-season demands. I also know of coaches who would take short flights  - during season - for either late blooming studs or guys a the top of their list.

(Son received quite an offer - post game - from a coach who watched his entire game during the season. Son was a junior at the time,  a late blooming pitcher who didn't do showcases or play on any travel teams during summer.)

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