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ASU lost to Montevallo this morning 5-4. Then West Florida beat Delta State. ASU to play W FLA. in losers bracket finals.

Strange situation. The W. Florida/ Montevallo game from last night had to be completed today (3 innings) because Ouachita Baptist does not have lights.

NCAA will not allow a team to play 3 games in one day so the Losers Bracket finals will not be until tomorrow. That means if there is an "if necessary" game, it will not be played until Monday.

They play their first game at 1:00 Saturday. With a record of 50-18, they are the only team in the tournament with 50 wins.

Just to get there has been unbelievable. Everything else is just a plus.

David - I will be there for their games on Saturday and Monday and maybe Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have to work sometime next week. I will make sure I have your cell phone # so I can keep you updated.
Congrats ASU! That is a super accomplishment!

We have a friend we have been following that we were hoping would make it to the DII WS in Montgomery from Florida Southern College....unfortunately they were eliminated on Saturday. Florida Southern College won the DII WS a few years ago and it was fun to listen to the games via the internet. We look forward to following ASU this time around.
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