Athletic Aid for a 5th year? Possible?

My son has had an athletic scholarship for 4 years. He’s redshirting this year as he recovers from TJ surgery.  He is graduating this May and was accepted into the grad program for Fall. The coach has asked him back and said “we’ll work out Aid in May, grad school is cheaper so even if we cut it some you’ll be fine.” He received his financial aid package with a loan, and alumni award etc. obviously no athletic Aid in there now as expected. We figured he might need some loan money depending on if and what athletic Aid the coach will offer. My son emailed fin aid office just asking when he needed to decide how much of the loan he wanted explaining he may be getting athletic Aid. ( he never said he was redshirting this year)They didn’t answer the question but just responded that he appears to have used up his 8 semesters of athletic Aid.  It was an email so he couldn’t ask a follow up or explain that he was redshirted, or to ask if a fifth year is never possible or did they just think he played his 4 years.  I tried to google but can’t seem to find an answer.  So does anyone know if you can receive athletic aid for a 5th year, can you get athletic Aid as a grad student?

Thanks for your help.

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NCAA D1 rule 15.01.5 (Eligibility of Student-Athletes for Institutional Financial Aid) specifically states that grad students (same undergrad school or different one) are eligible for institutional aid as long as they're still eligible to play. Your son's school may have their own policy about awarding baseball scholarships for a 5 year (due to their scarcity), but I don't think the NCAA prohibits it.

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Explain that he is redshirting. They probably think he's playing and assume he will be using his final year of eligibility. It is also much easier to go in and talk to them instead of emailing back and forth. 

Yea I told him to do that, and I assume that’s probably the mix up. Being that it took him 2 weeks to send the initial email, I figured it’d be a while before he walked his butt over to the fin aid office 🙄 and I was curious if there was a rule prohibiting it. I assume the coach would know that it was or wasn’t allowed too so I was confused by the financial aid office’s response. 

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