Anyone have dealings with or any feedback on there travel team program?  Thanks

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Lots of talent. Strict, tough, knowledgable baseball coach. They play as tough a schedule as any team in the country.  They draw lots of scouting attention both college and pro. Almost always have a first rounder or potential first round pick on their roster. A couple years ago their shortstop was the first overall pick of the draft.  In most years they would be among the top 10-50 travel teams in the nation.

i would be happy to give you my feedback..i have had players play with and against them and i have been at many of their

As far as I know, the Blue Jays have a pretty good reputation.  Have placed a number of high quality players including a 1st rounder. 


East Cobb also has some very good teams.  The difference between the two is that the Blue Jays have one team per age group.  East Cobb has numerous teams for each age group.  The quality of the teams at East Cobb range from Nationally ranked powerhouse all the way down to not much better than a rec team.  At 17, there are 9 ECB teams and the top team at that age are the Braves.  Just do some homework on which team you are being asked to play on.  Although they are all East Cobb, not all teams are equal.  Hope this helps.

If you got an invite from the Braves, you must have a very talented player on your hands.  The Braves are a very high profile team over there at ECB and nationally.  Be prepared, they are all about the win and you will only play if you are a true contributor.  I'm not saying they don't help kids with getting to the next level, but they definitely play the big tournaments to win them and that's it. 


I'm not quite as familiar with the Blue Jays, especially recent years, but they do have a good reputation in the baseball world. 

especially recent years..BINGO


braves may be going thru some changes too but i can update you ..some surprises in store over there this year i think

Originally Posted by whits23:

Braves may be going thru some changes too but i can update you ..some surprises in store over there this year i think


Love to hear about that.

After being contacted by the Jays, my son elected to play for the 17U BlueJays over the summer.  He lived with the pitching coach, along with several other players.  He said it was one of the best experiences he has had and he was glad he made the sacrifice to do it.  Depending on what happens with several scheduled school visits over the next week or so will determine if he plays during the fall.  He if commits during that time I plan on shutting him down for a while and concentrate on overall strength and conditioning, if not he will play with them.  I would be more than happy to answer any specific questions you have about their program, just PM me.

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