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"True Story"

During a "All Star" game, Ted Williams asked Mickey Mantle, "when you bat left handed is your top or bottom hand stronger and when you bat right is your bottom hand or top hand stronger"

The reporter ask Mickey what happened, Mickey went into a 0 for 20 slump all the time thinking top hand, bottom hand.

"see the ball, hit the ball"


Those swing metrics are important but I would only worry about them if they are totally out of range (I.e over 20 or negative). Whether AA is +7 or +11 probably doesn't matter much.

Also having "perfect" metrics or even swing form doesn't automatically make you a good hitter. It can increase your chances but in the end you need to square the ball up, the prettiest swing is useless if you don't square up the ball or even swing and miss.

Dads always want to have a recipe like do those 8 things and automatically become a good hitter but it doesn't work that way.

Swing mechanics are important (and things like AA are just part of swing mechanics just with a more fancy name) but while bad mechanics can hurt you it still is only maybe a third of the equation at best, the rest is strength, timing, hand eye coordination, approach and mental game.

There are some marketing guru's that want to sell a magic "elite swing" or "high level swing pattern" or whatever but there are really no short cuts to success that work like do this move and be an elite hitter.

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