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eric, I assume your talking about BH in Long Island.

There are many hotels within 10-20 minutes of BH along the LIE. I stayed at a Laquinta about 15 minutes down the highway that was pretty new and very clean.

There is a very nice pizza shop/Italian restaurant down the street from the complex in a shopping center. Very good food and a good place to eat and hang out if you have a couple of hours between games. We spent many a rain delay there a couple of falls ago.
as mentioned above there are several hotels located along the LIE along the way to Park...Holiday inn Express...Marriott etc and I believe baseball heaven has a listing on their prepared hotels on long island are not cheap...atleast 150 or more a night usually...sometimes depending on season you might find something alittle less...there is a shopping center across the street from the park that has a ruby tuesdays and a friendlys as well as a supermaket, and 10-15 mins west there is a relatively new development that has a marriott i believe and a multiplex movie theater and some restraunts all together. As far as the ferry goes wont save you any time because you need to be there atleast an hour before depature and its alittle over an hour ride(bridgeport)then time to get off the ferry and drive to could drive around in the same time or less and at much less expense. you cant really say you are saving on gas because when fuel cost go up they also raise the ferry prices. The ferry is good for bad weather or if you are tired and dont want to drive, but it doesnt save time and is more costly then what you would spend on gas...hope that helps.
I don't know what part of Mass you are coming from, but I've taken the ferry a few times from New London to LI, once to go to BH. Depending on the time of year it might not take you much longer than driving through traffic. Also more fun than sitting on the freeway. On the big ferries there's lots of room to walk around, and a decent snack bar. We've always taken the ferry over, and then driven back due to unpredictability of when we would leave.
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I live about 10-15 minutes away from BH and would highly recommend using the ferry into Port Jeff. My family use it all the time heading to Mass. and Vermont. It guarantees your travel time (you never know with congestion over the bridges) and gives the kids and yourself and enjoyable rest from the car especially on a nice day. Depending on how busy it is, 15 minutes to a max of a half hour is usually more than sufficient.

The shopping center that many of the other users mentioned (exit 62 - Nicholls Road)is great place for lodging and food. It has a Marriott, a great movie theatre, Chili's and a Charlie Browns Steak House, Wendys, and a new Italian restaurant has opened as well which has some great food. And if your looking for a place to swing, pitch, field or anything else in case of rain, I have a place not to far down the road where you could work out.
We usually take the ferry as a team, it is a fun way to get in the spirit of things. Driving around NYC and onto Long Island traffic is just the pits, I did it too many years, you can never predict it.

Port Jeff is lovely, so if it is a good time for you to do so, stop for lunch. And, I have to put a plug in for my hometown. If you want the most scenic town on the South Shore, go visit Sayville! Fairly close to BH main facility and to most of those hotels.

It is so quaint and a throwback to the 1950s on Main Street....nice shopping and places to eat and drink.

Beaches on the South Shore of LI rival anything you have up on the cape! But we never seem to have time to get to the beach when we do BH. Fire Island beaches (via Ferry), or Smith's Point which is right down the road from one of the field complex in Moriches, I believe. If you can go a day early or leave day late, its a nice family place. (well, with a few exceptions on Fire Island but this isn't the forum for that!!)

Talking about BH is getting me very anxious for baseball season. High school cuts are happening as I write this, so hopefully that means we'll be playing soon (that is, if today's snow melts!)

Hope nobody minded the "Long Island Chamber of Commerce" commercial!
I live in Port Jeff and son grew up playing for the house team at BBH.

As they have said, it is an expense to do the ferry but a nice break from driving and just fun on a nice day on the Long Island Sound.

The hotels on exit 62 are fine as are the amenities and you are righht by the Long Island expressway so you can get to BBH without getting lost.

Feel free to PM me if I can be of any assistance

Have fun-

PS- when are you going, maybe I will stop by and say hello at BBH

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