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My son is a junior in high school. He has a desire to play Division 1 baseball. He recently attended a showcase at a Div 1 school.
Since then he received a letter form that school saying they have SINCERE interest in him as a prospective student athelete. They also explained to him all the reasons he should attend their college. Then ask him to fill out a questionaire (with a note saying ...Please fill out and mail back to us to show your interest in us.

For any of the members that have the time, could you share your thoughts on how serious we should take this letter.

Thanks again
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Alway return the questionnaires in a timely fashion, but don't get overly excited about them. They are a first step approach by most schools. If he continues to get correspondence from them (outside of invitations to more of their camps), then you may view them as interested in him. BUT next July will let you know "HOW" interested "IF" they call him.

Feel free to email me directly, if you wish at
Welcome to the HSBBW. Exciting times ahead for your son! BamaBomber is the right person to listen to in the state of Alabama and the surrounding states when it comes to recruiting information. I would recommend you email him and pick his brain. He has lots of information. My son was about your son’s age when I first emailed Bama Bomber asking basically the same questions as you. I emailed him and eventually called him on the phone when my son was considering two different D-1’s in the state of Alabama. He was a big help and I really appreciate that. We have since become friends because of his willingness to help.
Since you mentioned it; you have my curiosity up about the “showcase” at the D-1 school. Was this a showcase organized by an outside organization or was this organized by the D-1 school at which the event was held? The reason I ask is because recently I have seen college events take on the name of “showcase” when it would qualify more as a “camp”.
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I apologize if I seem too basic but I would classify this as more of a camp because different D-1’s would be competing for the same players and would be hesitant to invite other D-1 coaches onto their campuses to “recruit” the same players. Juco coaches and pro scout will frequently assist a D-1 staff with their camps because these relationships benefit all parties involved. A D-1 coach will feed selected JUCO’s players he is recruiting because this tends to protect those players knowing the JUCO’s will develop and then guide their players back to that specific D-1. While scouts and college coaches sometimes compete for the same players, the relationships between the two will always be necessary. There are different venues you can use to get exposure and depending on your budget and your son’s talent, some will be better suited than others. Bama Bomber is keenly aware of the opportunities in the South and a very good judge of talent when it comes to high school and college baseball. Seek him out.
Best of Luck,

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