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so general consensus is that alloy bats lose their pop (metal fatigue), composite bats crack and wood bats break.  what about wood comp bats like (specifically) baums? I've heard stories about them lasting for years but do they do so with the same amount of pop that they started with?  if you've ever been a little kid with a hammer and a block of wood, you know that  if you bang on that wood long enough, it will soften.  do baum bats do the same (lose pop after extended use)?  if so, what's the value of not breaking if they're going to get less useful as they are used more?

also, I see that they're bbcor certified. do they hit like comp, alloy or wood bats?  how forgiving are they on mishits?  

I swung a rawlings comp wood bat years ago and it seemed to hit like a wood, not a metal bat so I was wondering if baums are the same (since they're wood comp, also). 



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Best I recall, Baum bats are wood but not in the traditional sense.  They are an outer shell of long wood fibers/strips (I forget the exact shape) bonded together with epoxy and there is an inner shell and foam composite core.  So, they have sort of a wood feel and sound.  But they are far less likely to break and tend to perform the same for much longer period of time.  Some love the performance and swear by them but consensus is they make a great practice bat and bat to use when wood is required but you don't want to deal with breaking but not quite the same feel, sound and performance of better wood.

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My 2021 son bought one a couple months back and loves his.  He's broken all his previous wood bats ranging from $60-$150 (Chase Utley Marucci), so the hope was to spend $200 and have it last much longer.  So far, so good.  He's used it in tourneys that required wood but he also uses it often for BP.  He's an idiot 17 year old kid (but we still love him) who swears it's better for BP than his 2021 Meta, so the Meta is mostly used for games.  Whatever.  It works for him.  YMMV

I have used Baum for years. They are losing that "end cap" after two seasons or so and get some small cracks in that wood shell but you can still hit with them a long time after that. I think it loses a bit of pop but not that much. Generally I think Baum might have a bit less pop than good wood but it comes pretty close. Definitely a good alternative if you are a bat breaker and should you last at least like 3-4 years. I think I have my current one like 5 years. 

I had a teammate in my sunday league breaking his though and there are rumors that quality control got a bit worse than it used to be the last 2-3 years but I never had  problems.

Older son used a Baum for years.  Loved it.  Upgraded to the gold and he loved it. He swings a Rawlings Velo metal.  Definitely stopped him going through 3 bats a summer.

Younger son hated the Baum white and gold.  He swings the end loaded the Goods.  Uses the Marucci Bringer of Rain wood bat.  Not a bat breaker.

If you like the handle and the swing weight, it's a great bat. Will last for years with a lot of pop.  Equal to the Rawlings Velo.

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