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Had a incident at a game the other day, (bean ball), and had to toss a couple of players.
My question: I think it would be a good idea to somehow, let future umpires know about that incident when these two teams play each other again.
Any suggestions/ideas on how this might be accomplished? Maybe a blog, or a website just for area umpires?
How would you go about spreading this information?
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I hate to be the negative person here but there is a downside to all this communication. A bad ump might use this knowledge to affect his game. Whether it be intentional or unintentional it could affect strike zone or get someone a quick thumb or other things.

I can see how telling the assignor would be a good move since they know the good ones and bad ones. Umps talk with each other enough as it is and this stuff will spread to the right ones on their own.

Not trying to stir trouble or be insulting to umps but saying there might be a bad thing to it.
Originally posted by kom_ervin:
Letting the main person who assigns umpires in your area is a very good idea as you mentioned starting an umpire blog seems like me to be a real good idea, check with your other counterparts and get their input, you all may end up having many good conversations with an umpires blog.
Good luck.
Don Ervin.

Be very, very careful about putting anything about teams, players or coaches in writing to anyone but your assigner; and then include only the opinions.

Once you write something in a blog, you lose control of who sees it and how it is interpreted.

We had some calls in BR i was Bu and my panther of course was the PU. we had a ball hit single and runner coming around third and accidental with momentum hit the catcher. PU ask me if we thought it was intention or not.

So after that happen both team runners when at bat ran into fielders on purpose. So we did a wanring it happen again called someone out at second and talk to PU about it. He was ejected.

Now for this i would report to the assigner and league officials that run the league. The other thing is a new day new game. don't hold something against a team.

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