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Does anyone have any information or experience with the Blue/Grey classic - Battle of the States tournament/showcase? My son, a junior in Arizona, received a letter saying he was recommended by a scout with Baseball America. We are very new to this process and was wondering if this is something that he should attend. Is this an opportunity to be viewed by scouts and will a player get significant time on the field to make an impression. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, ndmbaseball. I'm glad you posted this - I'll be interested in the responses.

We were supposed to go to the underclass showcase last December, but couldn't due to injury. But the paperwork that we got indicated several colleges that were going to be represented, including Georgia and Georgia Tech, both of which our player is interested in (whether or not he has D1 talent remains to be seen Smile) . If I remember correctly, I read that all players get equal playing time.

The staff seems to be really nice - they were very understanding about 2B's injury and gave us a credit toward any event this year. We will be going to the underclass showcase this December. It will be 2B's first showcase, so we are looking forward to it.
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