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It is the time of year when high school senior baseball players dream of playing in the Brooks Robinson All Star game (formerly Crown game) at Camden Yards.

Just wondering what people know about the process of selecting the participants in this game? I have heard rumors and innuendo for years, but wanted to get other perspectives.
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As you probably know, yesterday they just played the East/West/South/North games. From this they select the Team Maryland team to participate in the Sunbelt Classic. There is definately a tie to the selection process to the Brooks Robinson All Star Game.

The individuals selected for the Brooks Robinson game do not have to participate with Team Maryland, however some do.

Stating all of that, it all begins by High School Coach recommendations.

A. Main is listed as a P in the MSABC Classic 2005. Since a JR., does not have the opportunity to be selected as one of the twenty player from the 2005 West/North Regional Team to compete vs the East/South Regional Team at the 2005 Brooks Robinson All-Star Game at Camden Yards in mid-June.

Whether A. Main is invited to Team Maryland for the SunBelt Tourney remains to be heard. Is one of many talented rising Sr HS players from the 2005 West MSABC Regional Team. Yet I heard A Main will be playing football in the fall.


That is correct! He was the starting QB last fall, and will start again this fall. He and I have spoken about this. He has gotten some pressure from baseball folks about quitting football and concentrating on baseball year around. As his family member, a former hs football and baseball player, and a former hs football and baseball coach, I was sort of biased in offering advice. Anyone who has ever played football understands the sacrifice and the special feeling you have after playing a game. I told him that I always regretted not going to a small college and playing both. He says he really loves football. I told him that fall baseball wasn't worth him second guessing his decision not to play all fall. I think this is an individual out for some, but is not for everybody. I have faced the same quandary recently with my daughter. She is 8 and plays softball and s****r, but her first love is swimming. She has asked me about giving up the former 2 to focus year around on swimming. I definitely think 8 is too young to "specialize", so her mom and I have encouraged her to continue playing the other sports as long as she enjoys them.
This is the 2005 Brooks Robinson HS All-Stars North Team


PITCHER-------Robert Waskiewicz-----Calvert Hall
PITCHER-------Steven Smith-----Urbana
PITCHER-------Nathaniel Curd-----St. Paul's
PITCHER-------Jake Brown--------North Harford

CATCHER-------David Warrenfeltz--------Williamsport
CATCHER-------David Caldwell---------Loyola

INFIELDER-----Scott Krieger---------Calvert Hall
INFIELDER-----Steven Johnson--------St. Paul's
INFIELDER------Brad Rifkin---------Park
INFIELDER------Cory Rhodes--------Frederick
INFIELDER------Billy Gross--------Frederick

OUTFIELDER-----Matt Staso-------Mt. St. Joseph
OUTFIELDER-----Matt Ridenour-----North Hagerstown
OUTFIELDER-----Tyler Redick--------Walkersville
OUTFIELDER-----Dejuan Newton-------Calvert Hall


CATCHER---------Erie Johnson--------Northern-Garrett

PITCHER----------Dave Brady---------Sparrows Point
-----------------Jimmy Mudgett-------Century

INFIELDERS--------Scott Wildesen------Southern - Garrett
------------------Danny Schwartz--------McDonogh

OUTFIELDERS--------Aaron Gabrielian---------Century
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May as well Post this too!!
This is the 2005 Brooks Robinson HS All-Stars South Team fro today's Baltimore Sun Newspaper. Sorry for not including the alternates as they were not listed. Please add if anyone knows them.


PITCHER-------Ed Bach-------Atholton
PITCHER-------Austin Hurd-------Gaithersburg
PITCHER-------Joe Mattes-------Quince Orchard
PITCHER-------Ken Misal-------Southern

CATCHER-------Dan Shillingburg-------Centennial
CATCHER-------Mike Moss------Walter Johnson

INFIELD-------Cris Crum------Severna Park
INFIELD-------Justin Handler------Quince Orchard
INFIELD-------Gary Helmick------Northeast
INFIELD-------Jensen Pupa------Northwest
INFIELD-------Jake Shibilsky-----Chesapeake

OUTFIELD------Alex Buchholz------Old Mill
OUTFIELD------Brian Hobbs------North Caroline
OUTFIELD------Ben Sobocinski------McDonough
OUTFIELD------Brady Stouffer------Northwest

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