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As you know, I'm particularly peeved by scouts and colleges who ignore great players because they're not 6 feet tall. So the height parameter for the All-Small team is 5-8. I do have a problem. I haven't found a firstbaseman who fits gets in under 5-8, so if you can, help me with some nominees. Also, weight is not a factor. And please, don't jump all over me--I haven't seen every player in Broward and I may have overlooked some I have seen (after 45 that happens). Of those I have seen, I like these the best. This team could play with anyone.

2B Jason Gray -- Taravella
SS Mike Marseco -- St. Thomas
3B Billy Block -- Nova
Catcher -- (highly biased opinion) John Daly, St. Thomas
OF Jason Tenyck-- Piper
OF-- Scott Erbanek -- Cypress Bay
OF-- Jorge Torres -- Taravella
P-- Danny Kern -- Douglas
P-- Kevin Padilla -- Plantation
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I think Mike Moresco could be the second best overall senior shortstop in Florida...if not the best (David Adams is a potential first rounder). His height will keep him from getting drafted high this year, but in the future look out. He was clearly the most impressive middle infielder I have seen all spring. He has signed with Sanford University - what a steal!

The only other player on your list that I liked a bunch was Pipper center fielder Jason Tenyck. He has a chance to end up in pro baseball just because of heart and work effort. He has a god arm with some pop in his bat. He has signed with Lynn University.
BigJD - great topic and very good picks, in my opinion. One quibble, I think Will Block is too tall to qualify. After chatting with him a couple days ago, I believe he has grown beyond 5'8".

I had a long talk with a MLB scout about Will earlier this year. I have known the kid since he was 8 years old. I asked the scout what his thoughts were viz. Will. Answer: too small. My response: you just saw the kid hit a 400 ft. home run, he's in high school and can do that, why does he need to be any bigger? He throws the ball across the the diamond at 90 mph, what else does this kid need to do to get some attention? Still, no interest. But, when I mentioned the kid was a scratch golfer, in his spare time, I thought I saw a flicker of understanding. This kid is special. So, we shall see, come draft days, what might happen. The MLB team that takes him (if any) will be well rewarded. (Personlly, (scouts out there) I think you are nuts if you don't take him, particularly if the only reason is size). In the interim, FAU has a heck of a player on its roster for next year.

Also, I am a huge Marseco fan. I do not know the kid, although I believe I have met his Dad. But, I have seen him make play after (highlight film) play. Over the years he has stolen victory from my kid's team, with both bat and glove, more times than I care to remember. He will be a great college player, and Samford does have a steal.

From my experience, the other kids on the list seem well-chosen. Thank you for the good work on behalf of local baseball talent.
I always get a kick out of the too small line. It has prompted me to put together a list of too short Hall of Famers who apparently would not get looked at more than once today. I'll use under six feet. David Eckstein is still active at 5'6".

Willie Mays OF 5'11" 180
Carl Yazstrzemski OF 5'11" 182
Mickey Mantle OF 5'11" 198
Yogi Berra C 5'8" 194
Harmon Killebrew 1B 5'11" 213
Joe Morgan 2B 5'7" 160
Phil Rizzuto SS 5'6" 160
George Kell 3B 5'9" 175
Whitey Ford P 5'9" 181

I'd take em on my team, short or not.

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