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it is pretty dry eh? hah well im still thinking about trying out for the 16u team. i dono you might have heard of them, the ottawa-nepean canadians. i think itll be hard to make it as a 14 year but theres nothing wrong with trying right? how bout your upcoming year? anything special? how about morneau too eh? i really hope the kids after seeing him, will pick up a ball glove instead a stupid s ****r ball!
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yea the white sox used to be the top around here. i belive they changed to the by-town colinels. as for teams there the canadians, the kanata knights, brockville is kind of far but just another one. thats all i no of for now. the canadians are they top team now and ive heard they have a few prospects who will get drafted just like last year. doug frobel and his brothers are the coaches for the knights and they recently had a camp. i heard they ran the the player for basically the whole time for $200 luckily i took the advice from a friend from the canadians. just out of curiousity what team did your son play for?
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He played for the Canadian Thunderbirds and the Niagara Rebels the last few years before college.
He played against thye Canadians a couple times but mostly the White Sox.
I love Brockviolle. We attended a couple tornaments there and really enjoyed the town. The guy who ran the team there was a great guy. He actually put us in touch with some college coaches that he knew. What a great town withj all those stone buildings and French influence not to mention the St Lawrence River.
In Ottawa we mostly played in Heritage Park. I was born in Ottawa and my sister lives accross the river in the Gateneaus. Great place.
cant say ive heard of those teams yet. he sounds like a great guy i and wouldnt mind meeting him myslef. heritage park is where the "big" games happen. i remember watching a game against the junior blue jays who are the best team ontario and i believe they play at the rogers centre. they had some absolutely amazing players let me tell you. it was a great game although it was raining and 10 degrees- typical fall day Razz
The Canadian Thunderbirds is probably one of the best organizations in Ontario. They have over 100 players on 4 teams and came in 2nd in the PBLO league last year. They are an all year program with expro coaches and place almost all their players in US colleges. They hold 15 tryouts all over Ontario with well over 100 players at each tryout.
I assume you are talking about the Ontario Blue Jays who came in 3rd in the PBLO last year. They also run a great program and have several drafted players. They have beatten several US colleges over the years.
The Rebels are a decent team and are also a year round team. They play out of Welland and have one of the best ball parks in Canada. Toilets in the dugouts etc. They have a tougher time drawing talent because of the travel time but were onjly 15 min from our home. They also were the most reasonable price wise. They also hold MLB and college camps that are excellent. Every year they played in the Brockville tournament and the last 2 years my son pitched against his old team the Thunderbirds. He threw a complete perfect game against them and that was when the Brockville guy saw him and started refferring him to US coaches.
We played the Ottawa White Sox 16U team when my son was 15 at Heritage park. They were the best team in Ontario that year. We lost 3 of 4 games. My son won his game throwing a 1 hiitter. The hit was a bunt am I always remmenber that game because the fans booed the hit ( a bunt) . Even the Ottawa fans booed the 7tyh inning bunt. That was a very exciting day and Ottawa parents always said hello when we met at tournaments even in the US. One of my great memmories.
your son sonds like quite the player! good story too the sox are not the only team that has fallen though. Unfortunatly the Ottawa Lynx (AAA affilate of the Philies) attendence numbers have droped too low over the years and they are moving after this year Frown their management did their best to try and get fans to show up and the only way to get them was sponge bob square pants day. The mananger kyle bostwick was only 28 and one of the nicest guys ive ever met. its dissapointing cause theres nothing like spending a hot sticky summer day watching good PRO ball. i dont think there is anything that ill miss so much. its really a shame to know the pro baseball will never be back in the nations capital but at least ive had a chance to see them over the yearsSmile

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