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I don't know if Canseco's telling the truth about Palmero, Pudge, and Juan all being steroid users. But something stinks in major league baseball - too many homers, too many records broken. Until they are ALL tested I don't trust any of the players or management.

There was another story about steroids on Dallas Channel 8 sports tonight. It really did not answer how to stop the steroids usage. Apparently, it does not get around that people die from liver and kidney problems when they are 40 unless they already killed themselves after suffering the depression side effects from the drug.

The only way to stop it is to start at the top. Change the policy to mirror what is done in track. 2 years ban on first positive test. Lifetime ban on second.

How can we force the pro's? I wish I could say to boycott the opening game. But that would be easy since I probably would not go anyway.

I just wish there was a way to send them a message that they may own the logo on the jerseys but they don't own the game. Pay baseball a little more respect and clean it up. What have we already lost with these B.S. home run records?
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I hate to be the eternal pessimist but I don't see things getting any better. It's all about the dream of making millions and the glory of the publicity. I'm afraid many youngsters as well as older players think the risks are worth the rewards. Everything revolves around making tons of money these days and there are many things happening in today's society that parallel this problem in sports. Who or what group is willing to step up and stop it with so much money involved and jobs on the line? After all the typical line of thinking is 'I have to do it or allow it to keep up with the competition'. I guess that's all for another discussion board.
I have already been to a few JUCO games where the kids looked....well....more "fit" than normal? My son is at a JUCO and I don't like the things I hear about some of the schools at this level. I remain hopeful that the college kids make good choices and that the coaches become more involved in policing the activity. As long as coaches and administrators look the other way, the problem will remain.
My first reaction was to boycott opening day. Maybe attending is a better idea?

How about an "I support testing day"? I would attend that, especially if part of the profits went to testing or helping the poor guys who are out of the game and paying the price.

FYI - I had a good friend who died at 40 and I was convinced that it was steroids. It was several years ago and the death was attributed to liver and kidney damage. Turns out that was one of the side effects of the drug but no one said he died from steroid usage. He had been a high school quarterback in Garland and played baseball at Dallas Baptist and minors. But his steroid usage came later when he hung out at a local gym.

Maybe there is no answer. But there are no winners here. If your kid does not do roids then he has to compete against those that do. If he does it - he will pay later. Lose-Lose.
Not to mention that if he plays football he might get his head taken off by one of these monsters that added 60 pounds of muscle and rage.

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