Places to stay, eat, as well as things to do would be very much appreciated. Mid-March.
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Don't know anything about restaurants,etc. but the last two times I went to Charleston we visited The Angel Oak. About 25 minutes from Charleston on John's island. At 1500 years old, it is considered the oldest living thing East of the Mississippi and it's canopy shades over 17,000 sq ft. It is breathtaking. Address is 3688 Angel Oak Road, Johns Island, SC. There is nothing around it but it is very worth the drive. If you aren't able to get the directions off google maps or if you miss the signs (not very obvious) just ask someone, all the locals know where it is.
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Walking Tour.

Patriot's Point.

Ft. Sumter.

The Hunley.

The Citadel.

City Market.

Eats? Ask the locals when you get there.

Hotel? Lots of 'em out in North Charleston. We enjoyed the Sleep Inn©. Reasonable. Secure. Robert, the manager, was very friendly and accommodating.

Some families rented a condo in Mt.Pleasant. That would be more of a summer, good weather deal.

Lots and lots of history.

Enjoy your's hard not to!

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Hey GW you forget about Denny's on Ashely Phosphate Dr ?
I love Holiday Inn Express also on Ashley Phosphate Dr. You can walk to some great eateries from there!
My wife went through a couple plantations with our daughter and loved it.
Son is getting married at a Plantation close to Myrtle Beach in May so I am looking forward to that !

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