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Ok,heres the story

Last october,I was told I had a double stress fracture on the l3 of my spine. After 4 months of being in a brace,I was cleared.Just a few weeks ago,I had serious back pain again.Went back to the ortho,he re xrayed it.Told me to stretch and ice,etc.For much of the last year, back pain has truly bothered me.The fractures healed,and now after sitting for 2 weeks(turns out the recent injury was a mild strain of a lower back muscle)Im still hurting

What are the treatment options for chronic back pain?For lower back pain?Im tired of being told to stretch and ice(IT DOESNT WORK)
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Originally posted by futurecatcher27:
What are the treatment options for chronic back pain?For lower back pain?Im tired of being told to stretch and ice(IT DOESNT WORK)

For my back pain, I make sure it's not structural, and after that's cleared (as you have done) go see a P.T. / O.C.S guy (that's down the street).

After 2 1/2 months of rehab, I am pain free (most of the time), know what markers to watch for, and given my 'Range of Motion', validate my Alignment, and lower vs upper half rules of engagement!
I am a firm beleiver in chiropratic therapy along with vitamins and minerals and supplements that aid in strong bones and joints as well as specific back excercises for back and stomach.
Find one and bring your xrays, but find a good one and one that is versed on sports injuries. I only suggest this if you have been cleared by your ortho. Did you go through PT after being in a brace? This can cause atrophy (sp) of the back muscles.

I had a bad accident many years ago. After pain blocks and months of therapy and anti inflammatories the chiropractor was the only one that got me back on my feet. Will you ever be pain free, maybe not, but with adjustments to get you back to normal and ocassional maintenance you can control it.
Thanks for the advice everyone

I did go through some therapy after my release from the initial injury.It nevery truly felt like I got back to 100%,it always felt very knotted up in my lower back,even after i was released

This new injury is just completely constricting rotational movement,and its very painful.I paid one of the best orthopedics in the state(deals with major universities like Tulsa and O ral Roberts athletes)t otell me to ice and stretch.Thats pathetic to me,it doesnt work.I need something done medically.I dont care if its a shot,PT,anything. I do back on tuesday,and if I dont get medical treatment this time,we will be getting a second opinion.On top of all this,I go to a missouri state camp in exactly one week.Great timing by my back,as always
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I am so sorry you are going through this.
My theory is that orthos are good for serious injuries to the bones (breaks, etc.) but strains and sprains they really can't do much about but give you therapy and therapy takes months and months and you have to retrain to avoid the triggers.
Taking a shot is not good unless needed. You might ask for MRI first.
Usually the best is rest. Ice should b eonly for swelling, and always stretch, this is major important so you will not reinjure yourself.

I just have gone through a pretty serious neck injury due to a chiropractor cracking my neck. have gone to him for years and he alwasy used a table and never cracked. I told him never to crack but he went behind me on eday and did it so quick. Xrays do not show soft tissue. As TPM you need to ask or demand an MRI. I had one after asking for 5 months. I was flat on my back, I had 3 bulging discs, one herniated disc and moderate to sever narrowing of my spinal colunm. I since have had a epidural cortisone shot in my neck a week ago. My HA are gone, Ive cut way back on my pain meds. Sometimes we have to take charge,you or your parents demand a MRI that will let you know if theres other stuff going on. PAIN is an indicator of a problem. Ice isnt going to be enough if you have had ongoing problems dont sit back and wait for them to call the shots. Once you know hwhat else could be wrong then the PT can moderate your therapy to the problem, it all goes together. Ice and anti inflammatories are good but for a more serious pain like I was having and sounds like your having ice is not going to cut it. Keep pushing for MRI it might tell you what you eed to know. Xrays only show bone.good luck I hope you get some answers , it is so frustrating to be hurt and doesnt seem like anyonei slistening to you.
How right your are,fan,when it comes to having to push for an MRI

Last time,it wasnt until I had no feeling in my lower body for them to give me an MRI.Turned out to be a double stress fracture on the spine

A teammate of mine had the same problems I did,got an injection,and has felt fine sense.Praying for a quick fix. I have stretched endlessly.Ive gotten to the point of flexibility that I can be the guy who fits into the box at the circus. If you are injured,I dont feel like stretching is too much of a help.

Thanks for the help again everyone.I go back to the ortho on tuesday,so Ill find out what the treatment options are
You are correct with the chiro thing, that's why it is important to find one that is not too aggressive if you have a problem (which should be checked out beforehand). My ortho actually recommended my chiropractor! There are ways to manipulate gently but it takes longer.
Be careful as a young player about cortisone shots, calcification can occur. You can inquire about lidocaine, but I wouold ask for the MRI first.

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