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Ok ladies, it has been an enlightening weekend. I found myself with filthy white baseball pants and no shout or bleach. I was too tired to find a car wash to spray out my son's pants, so I decided I would scrub them with a bar of soap from the hotel and he would just have to wear them, no matter how they looked. What do you know, but that cheap hotel soap took out that dirt and red clay easier than any spray in wash I have ever used. Had I only known that 10 years ago.
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I really like iron out--it does take out the color of the embroidered (did I spell that right???) label on pants (like the easton E that is now white on my son's pants).

I also learned from some wonderful person here to take the pants to the car wash and use the power washer on them when they are really bad.

Between those two approaches, I've had pretty good luck with the clay stuff and brick dust. tigermom--glad the soap worked, I may have to try that someday!
Bleaching the white baseball pants tends to turn them a dull yellowish color after a while...
...I use a combination of Clorox II and Greased Lightning and let the pants soak...sometimes running through a double rinse cycle to get out the extra soap. For the ground-in mud, I double wash the pants. It all seems to work great.
(now back to my man cave before my man card is revoked)
Thank you for mentioning the Car Wash- I just got back from there. What a wonder on white pants. I just have a few spots of something & a dot or two of grass to scrub with the Fels Naptha soap now instead of all of both pairs. My hands don't like the fels too well but it really works too.
i purchased ZOTE bar soap after finding mention of it on this board. a good friend also recommended it.

here's what i do:

spray the pants with oxyclean and let them sit for a while.

i then grate some of the ZOTE bar into the washing machine tub and toss in the pants. I run a soak cycle with cold water only. wash and rinse in cold too. the pants are coming out clean and i am very pleased !

ZOTE is a little hard to find but i found it in a local hispanic grocery store.
Hey Ladies,
I don't post often but I found that Fels Naptha soap has been the best thing to get my son's red NC clay/muddy white pants (he's a catcher) clean again. I use the garden hose to "pressure wash" his pants and then just rub the soap bar into the stains (which are pretty much the whole pants). Then I take a brush and scrub over them and pop them in the wash. I have never found anything that works as well as this. Good luck! kj
Originally Posted by BBALLFAN2012:

Totally offended that the assumption is that the LADIES are doing the laundry.  What century is it?

In our house, the baseball player washes the pants, or he wears dirty pants.  His hobby--his equipment--his responsibility.  Yes, he wore dirty pants many times, and neither mom nor I felt the least pang of guilt about it.  But he keeps a respectably clean apartment now.

Originally Posted by BBALLFAN2012:

Totally offended that the assumption is that the LADIES are doing the laundry.  What century is it?

Maybe the poster is a stay at home mom and she has chosen laundry as one of her responsibilities. Don't be so politically correct that you get angry due to a statement from a person you don't know. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say everyone must share your views. Nowhere in the Constitution are you protected from conflicting views by others. It does become obnoxious if someone continually pushes their view of the world on posters like one I no longer see here since last week. I don't see where she was pushing her views on everyone. She asked a question based on an assumption from her life.

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Not a bad idea, but I am not sure my son even knows where the washer is.  

Teach him before college.

Both my kids did own laundry at age 15. They have those Tide pods now all they have to do is throw one in and turn it on. Daughter found something called color catcher-looks like dry fabric sheet, goes in washer and catches colors if they mix all together at once. Works.  We just soak whites in oxy clean then spray then wash. Usu good enough. 

Originally Posted by BBALLFAN2012:

Totally offended that the assumption is that the LADIES are doing the laundry.  What century is it?

haha, she posted in the "ladies only" forum, you're supposed to stay out .  I've been caught by that a couple of times, the news feed shows current topics and when you click in you are not always oriented as to where you are.  I noticed that once on the "players only" forum, they thought it was kids only but they kept getting parents giving advice!

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