After my son almost hit one over the centerfield fence in a scrimmage this season using his Brett Bros MB110 wood bat the coach is finally giving my son the green light to exclusively use his wood bat during games. 

I couldn't convince his travel team coach the last couple of years that he hits more consistently with his wood bat but the fact is he is more comfortable with it. 

And that is what it boils down to, IMO, what bat the kid is more comfortable swinging is the one he will hit the best with.  My son has always used a wood bat to swing in practice so naturally he has grown more comfortable with it. 

And with the use of BBCOR bats the only advantage now over a wood bat, IMO, is the fact that BBCOR won't break.  

Brett Bros MB110

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My son MUCH prefers wood over BBCOR.  More comfortable and hits better with it.  Wish he could use it in HS.  His travel team uses nothing but wood in the summer, regardless of the tournament allowances or what the opposition uses.

I would say that breakage isn't the ONLY advantage.  BBCOR does tend to have slightly larger sweet spot and you can still get balls out of the IF if you get jammed or off the end where wood you likely won't.  I will say, I don't miss the check swing HR's that you'd see off the BESR's.

Nuke83 posted:

I will say, I don't miss the check swing HR's that you'd see off the BESR's.

My son had a chance to swing one of those this winter.  He couldn't believe they used to swing that bat in college.

No way my son's HS coach allows ANY of his players to swing wood during an in-season game.  It has never, and probably will never, happen.  The HS season is the only time that he swings BBCOR.  Now I will say that the HS Coach does allow him to swing wood in practices as my son explained to him that it helps him focus on contact.  In my opinion that was a win for him.  

I believe that his team will be scrimmaging a NYC Catholic School this spring, weather permitting.  They swing nothing but wood.  I know my son is working the coach over to allow him to swing wood in that game.  

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