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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the term "travel roster" may cause confusion. True, you can only take 25 guys on a trip, but the 25 you take this weekend may not be exactly the same as those you took last weekend. Changes might be made based on who's hot, who's not, who might have the flu, or whatever. Over the course of a season the whole roster might have a turn at wearing the away uniform, right?
I do beleive the max 25 man travel D1 roster is for conference travel and post season play only.

If the coaches budget allows he can bring the entire team to non conference games if he chooses.

Also I do believe that all players are allowed to be dressed in the dugout for home games, including redshirted players. This is up to each individual coach.

The 25 man can change week to week, the final (no changes) 25 roster is determined for post season play.

This is a goal that many college players shoot for, to make the 25 man squad when they travel for conference and to make post season roster.
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